California Condor Nest Spotted in Area Cell Tower

    A pair of mating California Condors were spotted in a Grass Valley cell phone tower.

    Area Woman Has Longest Hyphenated Name in USA

    Katherine Lucy-Elizabeth Tatum-Stonehousefelder in her Nevada City, CA Office. She claims to have the longest hyphenated name in the United States.

    World War II Ship Mysteriously Appears in Grass Valley Schoolyard

    A supposed picture of the World War II experimental destroyer the USS Eldridge which apparently appeared on the field adjacent to Lyman Gilmore Middle School in Grass Valley. The picture has not been verified.

    No Takers For Free Color Television With VCR in Alta Sierra

    Nancy Woods of Alta Sierra has found no takers for her free 19 inch color television with built-in VCR after advertising the item on the popular local call KNCO radio show Swap Shop.
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    Grass Valley Woman Believes Online Articles Are About Her

    Bridget Doggins of Rhode Island Street is beginning to believe articles on the Internet are about her.

    Lake Wildwood Struggling to Enforce Christmas Light Ban

    The notoriously restrictive Penn Valley gated community is having trouble with Christmas Light violators.

    Local Activists Propose Arming Deer Populations

    Local animal rights advocates announced they want to "give the animals a fighting chance."

    Utility Smart Meter Provides Area Woman with Vivid Dreams

    Although many people complain about the effects of electromagnetic radiation, one area woman says they're helping her get a good night's sleep.



    Mothman Sighted on Sacramento’s Tower Bridge

    Although Dustin Kemp of West Sacramento is a top performer at his job, he had no desire to beef up his resume with "paranormal researcher."

    Shocking Video: Car Disappears Into Portal

    A minivan enters the frame, it disappears into a ball of light.

    State of Jefferson to Host Nation’s First Bigfoot Sanctuary

    The California contingent of the State of Jefferson (SoJ) secessionist movement announced today that it plans on establishing the nation's first Sasquatch sanctuary located in Siskiyou County.

    Defense Department Testing Fluoride Chemtrails In Nevada County

    The DoD is expanding its current PZ-11X1 and PS-09B3 chemtrail distribution programs by adding aerosolized fluoride into its disbursement systems over Nevada County.



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