Rocklin, CA Enthusiastically Hands Off Low-Income Housing Responsibilities to Citrus Heights

    Fred Dicks, a Rocklin-based, foot-obsessed podiatrist, said, '"It's like treating a bunion; you don't want to see it, so you just shove it in a shoe. It's toe-tally awesome!"

    Psychic Fair Organizers Fail To Predict Catering Error

    You would have thought they would have seen that coming.

    Tiger Woods Threatens to Sue Grass Valley Over Mural

    Grass Valley, CA -- What was designed to be a local tribute to our community's appreciation for American heroes and tolerance for racial diversity...

    Lake Wildwood Lowers Speed Limit to 24mph

    A committee at the Lake Wildwood gated community has voted to lower the speed limit to 24mph.

    Shocking Video: Car Disappears Into Portal

    A minivan enters the frame, it disappears into a ball of light.

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    Nevada City ‘Vaccination Optional’ Charter School Accepting Applications

    The school will feature a patented aluminum electromagnetic dome shield.

    Jesus Spotted In Western Nevada County Clouds

    Jesus Christ appeared this past week in the clouds over Nevada County prompting some to celebrate and some to proclaim, "oh shit."

    10 Wacky and Wild Ways to Make the Most of Your Nevada County Snow

    Why let snow ruin your day when you can turn it into a party? Dive into our list of 10 wild and wacky ways to make the most of excessive snowfall, from creating a frozen fashion runway to crafting snow-sicles for a unique treat. These impractical yet hilarious ideas are guaranteed to make your winter season unforgettable. So, grab your snow boots and join us on this frosty journey that will leave you laughing and shivering in equal measure

    No Takers For Free Color Television With VCR in Alta Sierra

    Nancy Woods of Alta Sierra has found no takers for her free 19 inch color television with built-in VCR after advertising the item on the popular local call KNCO radio show Swap Shop.

    Area Nazi Claims He’s Been Canceled by ‘Woke Mafia’

    Jerry Caustic, a local Nazi sympathizer, is claiming that he's being silenced by the "woke mafia" who want to cancel anyone who doesn't agree with their liberal agenda. However, his claims are not based on any reality, and many are pointing out that they are simply fabricated concerns from fringe media outlets. It's time to confront and condemn hate speech and Nazi ideology in all forms.



    State of Jefferson to Host Nation’s First Bigfoot Sanctuary

    The California contingent of the State of Jefferson (SoJ) secessionist movement announced today that it plans on establishing the nation's first Sasquatch sanctuary located in Siskiyou County.

    Nevada City and Sedona Vying for Earth’s #1 Spiritual Vortex

    Other cities and regions, such as Arcata, CA, and the entire Hawaiian Island of Kauai, are also vying for this coveted #1 spot. Fresno, CA, unfortunately, did not make a list.

    5G Tower Kills Local Man

    Local resident Joe Aguinaldo was killed by a cell tower while driving home from Nevada Club where he was nearly arrested for fighting a clown.

    Defense Department Testing Fluoride Chemtrails In Nevada County

    The DoD is expanding its current PZ-11X1 and PS-09B3 chemtrail distribution programs by adding aerosolized fluoride into its disbursement systems over Nevada County.



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