Nevada City and Sedona Compete for Earth’s #1 Spiritual Vortex

    Other cities and regions, such as Arcata, CA, and the entire Hawaiian Island of Kauai, are also vying for this coveted #1 spot. Fresno, CA, unfortunately, did not make a list.

    Social Media Influencer’s Reach Limited by the Fact She Sucks

    Local social media "influencer" Becky "BeckStar" Johnson has attributed her abysmal follower count to a tech conspiracy led by Zuckerberg and Musk. Despite her Instagram feed being an endless scroll of blurry avocado toast and mundane cat videos, BeckStar is convinced she's being silenced. "They know I'm a threat," she claims, blissfully unaware that her content is about as engaging as watching paint dry.

    Concord Pavilion Gigantic Public Pool Conversion Stirs Controversy

    Concord city officials have unveiled a plan to convert the iconic Concord Pavilion into a sprawling public pool and water park, sparking outrage from residents and environmentalists. Amidst the backlash, conspiracy theories suggest Bill Graham Productions' secret involvement. Officials assure the pool can be drained for upcoming concerts.

    Local Man Shows How to Love Humanity by Taking His Shoes Off During a Long Flight

    In a move only he could deem loving, North San Juan's Skyy Wolford removed his shoes and socks on a long flight, unleashing a powerful stench. Passengers and flight attendants alike struggled to endure his "natural" gesture as he propped his dirty feet on the seat in front of him.

    New California Law Requires Public Restrooms Doors to Automatically Open After Five Minutes

    In a move that could only unfold in California, the state has mandated public restrooms to automatically open doors after five minutes of use. This law, part of the Public Restroom Efficiency and Anti-Congestion Act (PREACA), aims to enhance accessibility and reduce wait times. Critics argue it's an overreach that embarrasses users and disproportionately affects the homeless. Governor Newsom hailed it as a step towards greater public convenience.

    Nevada City Residents Blame Chemtrails for Climbing Insurance Rates

    In Nevada City, local conspiracy theorist Tom Edwards claims soaring insurance rates are due to chemtrails, presenting his "evidence" — a Mason jar half-filled with toenail clippings.

    Nevada City Experimenting with Man Bun Tax

    Nevada City will be the first in the nation to experiment with a "man bun tax."

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    Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sierra City in 2022

    The annual private meeting of North American and European elites known as the Bilderberg Group announced this week that they will be holding their annual conference at Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort in June of 2022.

    Metallica Surprises Fans with a Free Concert at Local IKEA Store

    Rock icons Metallica transform a West Sacramento IKEA into an impromptu concert venue, baffling shoppers as roadies wrangle cables over flat-packs. Megadeth's Dave Mustang counters with a power tool-laden gig at Home Depot, promising hard-hat mosh pits and nail-gun deals.

    Portola’s Furry Love Affair: Bigfoot, Bob, and the Guru Next Door

    In Portola, CA, an unusual love story unfolds between a local man, Bob, and Bigfoot, amidst the backdrop of Guru O'shnish's mystical cult. This heartwarming tale showcases the power of love and unity in a community facing unique challenges.

    Friar Tucks Shuttered in Latest Blow to Donald Trump

    The topsy-turvy Sierra Nevada foothills town hasn't seen this much controversy since Cirino's on Broad Street blamed Communists and Obamacare for its failed business over a decade ago.

    Man Falls Off Foresthill Bridge After Accidentally Shooting Himself While on Heroin

    A Mokelumne Hill man is lucky to be alive after falling 730 feet in a failed suicide attempt.



    Nevada County Week in Review: Grass Valley Unveils World’s First Cryptozoological Park

    Nevada County has once again emerged as a vortex of the vibrant and the visionary, hosting events that stretch the imagination from the depths of history to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

    2.5 Mile Wide Comet to Impact Area Man’s Brain

    Mr. Wolford is not a scientist, nor does he have any scientific training.

    Mothman Sighted on Sacramento’s Tower Bridge

    Although Dustin Kemp of West Sacramento is a top performer at his job, he had no desire to beef up his resume with "paranormal researcher."

    Area Cryptozoologist Disappointed to Learn that Local Bigfoot Really Just a Werewolf

    A critter cam caught what area amateur cryptozoologist Keith Bradenshauer claims is a werewolf.



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