North San Juan Sisters Arrested for Illegal Weed Grow

    Twin sisters Debra and Lola Hall were arrested on multiple charges this week.

    The Cast of “A Chorus Line” Briefly Stops Traffic on Highway 49

    Officer Justin Olberham of the CHP trying to figure out how to stop the cast.

    Insurance Companies Complain ‘Your Town Should Never Have Existed Anyway’

    As insurance companies cancel policies and pull out of 'risky' markets, citizens are fighting back.

    Lake of the Pines Considers Controversial Comic Sans Font

    In an effort to stay relevant and "hip," Lake of the Pines is experimenting with the Comic Sans font.

    Angel’s Soul Kitchen Closes, Saying Penn Valley Not a Good Fit

    Angel's Soul Food Kitchen lasted 24 hours in Penn Valley, CA.

    BriarPatch Employees Enjoy Shopping at Grocery Outlet

    Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Grass Valley, CA where most BriarPatch Co-op employees can afford to shop.

    Man Falls Off Foresthill Bridge After Accidentally Shooting Himself While on Heroin

    A Mokelumne Hill man is lucky to be alive after falling 730 feet in a failed suicide attempt.

    7 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Trump Cult Member In Your Life

    Oregon House, CA -- You know it's coming to the end of the Christmas shopping season when you can't find that unique gift for...

    Penn Valley Man Wondering If You Noticed His Oversized Truck

    Dustin Jayce Dickens of Penn Valley and his unnecessarily large, rolled-coal Dodge RAM 3500.

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