Dialysis Patient Saves PG&E Millions by Dying Before Planned Power Outage

    PG&E said it was both sorry and grateful for the timing of an area woman's death.

    Area Realtor Says Now is a Good Time To Buy Or Sell Your Home

    Serena Hatchly is there for you when you need her. And now is a good time.

    Shocking Video: Car Disappears Into Portal

    A minivan enters the frame, it disappears into a ball of light.

    ISIS Targets Area Man’s 1989 Buick LeSabre

    An area conservative blogger is growing increasingly concerned about a possible plot by ISIS terrorists to attack his 1989 Buick LeSabre. Retired Colonel Jack Ripper as been spending the past two years planning for what he calls "a massive 'moooslem' attack on his Idaho Maryland Road home.

    Grass Valley Teen Gets Pregnant at Teen Pool Party, Parents Sue

    Parents are suing after teen becomes pregnant in local backyard pool.

    The High School Project That Accidentally Powered Nevada City

    Students at the Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning in Nevada City built a 100 foot Tesla tower as a part of a special project.

    Nevada City Electrocutes Elephant to Demonstrate the Dangers of 5G

    A stunt to prove the dangers of 5G wireless technology is drawing criticism.

    Area Schmuck Who “Didn’t Vote for Trump” Coincidentally Supported All of His Policies

    When asked if being a victim makes him the real oppressor, he grew annoyed.

    Area Jerk Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

    Lake Wildwood conservative activist Brock Whalen has made a career out of straight talk.

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