Area Residents Warned Not To Approach Reindeer

    Jade Elscrow of Walnut Creek, CA knows first hand that Nevada County deer don't like him.

    Area Woman Reaches Goal Weight With Coronavirus

    Marilyn McDonald is happy with the weight she lost after getting the coronavirus on vacation in Japan.

    Area CPA Only In It For The Money

    Local CPA Gerald Carry wants his kids to know the truth about his often challenging profession.

    Local Startup Shuts Down

    Launched as the darling of the local startup industry, StarTup recently converted its stock to Bitcoin.

    Mysterious Pile of Bricks Baffles Residents

    Nevada City awoke this morning to find a large stack of bricks on Broad Street.

    State of Jefferson Translating U.S. Constitution into ‘Authentic Frontier Gibberish’

    The State of Jefferson isn't interested in any "mumbo-jumbo" according to the movement's supporters.

    Smug Area Centaur Having Trouble ‘Fitting In’

    According to many locals, area centaur Royce C. Bradley's social anxiety concerns might be "just in his head."

    Local Woman Doesn’t See Why She Should Shower Before Getting in the Pool Because “No One Else Does”

    Area Woman Christine Wayfair is now in hot water with the Police following her protest at a local pool.

    Briar Patch’s Payphone is a Brilliant Marketing Decision: Here’s Why

    So you're one of those people who still look for a public payphone. Well good for you. But wait, there's more. As a local, you may not be aware that the Briar Patch COOP has a public payphone. And here's why it's a great marketing move.

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