Local Leaders Concerned ANTIFA Behind Recent #BreadGate Unrest

    Every act is part of the revolution!

    Nevada City and Sedona Vying for Earth’s #1 Spiritual Vortex

    Other cities and regions, such as Arcata, CA, and the entire Hawaiian Island of Kauai, are also vying for this coveted #1 spot. Fresno, CA, unfortunately, did not make a list.

    Area Guinea Pig Unimpressed With Leftover Short Rib

    A Nevada City guinea pig seemed uninterested in a "short rib treat" left by its 12 year old owner.

    Tipping Bank ATMs Sparks Controversy in Grass Valley: Chase Bank’s Latest Move to Cash in on Customers

    Chase Bank's new AI-powered ATM that asks for tips from customers has sparked controversy in Grass Valley, California. While some are ecstatic about the new option, others are uncomfortable with tipping a machine. This move by the bank has left customers wondering whether it's an attempt to provide better service or just another way to cash in on them.

    ‘Wooded Area’ Named Best Place to Dump Dead Body in Nevada County

    'Wooded Area' has topped a new list of best places to dump a dead body in Nevada County, ending the debate amongst the area's most prolific serial murderers.

    Green Party Meeting Awkwardly Interrupted By Uber Eats Delivery

    According to Mr. Packard, he'll think twice about ordering from Uber Eats again.

    Area Redfish to Squat in 5G Cell Phone Tower

    Taking back control from "Big Derp."

    Easter Egg Dash Prepares Kids for Reality TV, say A&E Producers

    What better way to prepare children for the rigors of consumerism, than an Easter Egg hunt?

    Bilderberg Protesters Trash Sierra City

    The small Sierra Nevada town that hosted the mysterious meeting of elites has a lot of cleanup.

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