Ted Nugent Unveils Bow and Arrow School Defense Scheme at Trump Rally

    Aging rocker Ted Nugent pledged to defend schools with a bow and arrows at a recent Trump rally, inspiring the satirical film, "The Hunger Games: Old Man Yells at Bullets." Despite widespread ridicule, Nugent remains steadfast in his belief that his archery skills are the ultimate deterrent for would-be attackers.

    Del Oro Theater’s Cheeky New Deal: Bare Your Derriere, See a Free Movie

    Grass Valley's iconic Del Oro Theater introduces "Tushy Tuesdays," where moviegoers can gain free admission by baring their buttholes at the ticket booth. This daring deal, limited to one admission per family, promises a cheeky experience with the theater ensuring discretion and privacy through a specially-designed "Butthole Booth."

    Frank Zappa’s Ghost Confesses: “I Control Reality, and I’m Just Getting Started!”

    Legendary rock musician Frank Zappa has apparently taken control of our reality from beyond the grave. In a bizarre and exclusive interview with the late artist, Zappa reveals that he is responsible for the chaos in today's world, including climate change, shifting geopolitical power structures, and even the popularity of fast-food chain Chick-fil-A.

    “Woke” Bank to Continue Discriminatory Mortgage Plans: Red-Lined Loans with a Smile

    The Iniquitous Bank of Omaha's "Woke Mortgage Initiative" is not only a masterclass in irony but also a lightning rod for division in an already polarized political landscape. As the bank brazenly red-lines African-American neighborhoods, conservatives see an opportunity to exploit the "woke" issue, rallying white suburban and working-class voters against progressive values.

    Grass Valley Homeless Man Effortlessly Weathers Banking Crisis

    Discover how "Downtown Dave," a local homeless man, navigates the U.S. banking crisis with ease by investing in cardboard and tin cans, inspiring others to rethink their financial strategies.

    A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

    Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

    Snowstorm Havoc: Waste Management Dodges Gigantic Christmas Decor Trickery

    After being flooded with phone calls, Waste Management published a press release broadcast on local radio stations

    Nevada City Father of the Year Quenches Kids’ Thirst for Quality Water

    Plumber dad Bjorn Andersen's unique solution to his kids' complaints about bathroom water quality leaves them thrilled! Ingeniously connecting the toilet to the sink faucet, Andersen watches with delight as his children enjoy the "new" water, blissfully unaware of its true origin.

    Area Nazi Claims He’s Been Canceled by ‘Woke Mafia’

    Jerry Caustic, a local Nazi sympathizer, is claiming that he's being silenced by the "woke mafia" who want to cancel anyone who doesn't agree with their liberal agenda. However, his claims are not based on any reality, and many are pointing out that they are simply fabricated concerns from fringe media outlets. It's time to confront and condemn hate speech and Nazi ideology in all forms.

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