Local Man Shows How to Love Humanity by Taking His Shoes Off During a Long Flight

    In a move only he could deem loving, North San Juan's Skyy Wolford removed his shoes and socks on a long flight, unleashing a powerful stench. Passengers and flight attendants alike struggled to endure his "natural" gesture as he propped his dirty feet on the seat in front of him.

    Nevada City Residents Blame Chemtrails for Climbing Insurance Rates

    In Nevada City, local conspiracy theorist Tom Edwards claims soaring insurance rates are due to chemtrails, presenting his "evidence" — a Mason jar half-filled with toenail clippings.

    An Exclusive Tour of Nevada City’s Secret Mineshafts

    In Nevada City, a clandestine exploration beneath the quaint streets reveals more than just hidden tunnels; it uncovers a town rich in eccentricities, guarded by the whimsical Keepers and their rivals, The Diggers. Join Loretta Splitair as she navigates this underground saga, where history and humor collide in unexpected ways.

    Nevada County Week in Review: Grass Valley Unveils World’s First Cryptozoological Park

    Nevada County has once again emerged as a vortex of the vibrant and the visionary, hosting events that stretch the imagination from the depths of history to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

    Concern Spreads as Teletubbies Turn Grass Valley into a Sparring Ground

    Grass Valley's leaders are in a tizzy after unearthing an underground fight club where Teletubbies throw down in secret, raising concerns about the town's image and the message it sends to our youth. The cuddly brawlers' nighttime antics have turned the once-peaceful streets into rings of revelry.

    Area Conspiracy Theorist Claims We’re Living in a Denny’s Simulation

    In a baffling twist to local conspiracy theories, Skyy Wolford has stirred up Nevada County by asserting that our reality is nothing more than a Denny's simulation, an idea that has the Placer County Minutemen and even astrophysicists scratching their heads over their Grand Slam breakfasts.

    Meet Nevada County’s Renaissance Man: Skyy Wolford from Radiation to Cosmic Real Estate

    In Nevada County, Skyy Wolford, the quintessential renaissance man, makes headlines again, weaving tales of time warps, Martian real estate, and elusive whales, leaving locals bemused and skeptics scratching their heads. His latest escapades challenge the mundane, blurring lines between fact and fiction with a mischievous wink.

    Papa Murphy’s Employee Rushed to Hospital After Accidently Wrapped in Cellophane

    In a startling mishap that left the Grass Valley community wrapped in concern, a local Papa Murphy's employee found himself the unintended filling in a cellophane wrap, sparking a flurry of worry and a call to emergency services.

    The Great Grass Valley Goldfish Gamble

    Grass Valley's Goldfish Gold Rush sets the stage for an epic showdown, challenging Nevada City's Psychic Pet Show and the famed Calaveras Frog Jumping Jubilee. This aquatic extravaganza promises to redefine small-town rivalry with fin flicks, mystic furballs, and high-flying frogs, all in the heart of the Sierra Nevada.

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