Hipster Worried Beard Not Long Enough for Sharia Law

    Area author Roy Riffle is worried that he will not grow a beard long enough to satisfy the requirements of the inevitable arrival of Sharia Law.

    Nevada City’s Deep Connection to Russian Oligarchs

    For over a century, Russia's grip on Nevada City was relatively unknown, until now.

    Is Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen U2’s The Edge?

    What started out as an outrageous rumor on, has turned into a full-blown conspiracy theory for Sacramento-based comedian Keith Lowell Jensen.

    Area Senior Can’t Stop Computer From Printing

    Reynaldo M. Rodriguez's printer has stopped working correctly. Mr. Rodriguez prints "every god-damned email" he gets because he's afraid he'll lose it.

    Lake Wildwood Struggling to Enforce Christmas Light Ban

    The notoriously restrictive Penn Valley gated community is having trouble with Christmas light violators.

    How ‘The Keepers’ Have Watched Over Nevada City’s Underground Secret Mine Shafts

    In the dappled shade of Cottage Street, there stands a house where time whispers secrets through the floorboards. This isn't just any Nevada City dwelling; it's the semi-annual council chamber of the Keepers, a group shrouded in as much mystery as the tunnels they vow to protect. With firm denials of any ties to the boisterous brotherhood of the Clampers, the Keepers' story is a tapestry of the clandestine, woven into the very fabric of this historic town. Join us as we step across the threshold of the unknown in this latest chapter of Nevada City's silent saga.

    Grass Valley Homeless Man Effortlessly Weathers Banking Crisis

    Discover how "Downtown Dave," a local homeless man, navigates the U.S. banking crisis with ease by investing in cardboard and tin cans, inspiring others to rethink their financial strategies.

    Nevada County Vistors Warned Not to Approach Reindeer

    Jade Elscrow of Walnut Creek, CA knows first hand that Nevada County deer don't like him.

    Study: Donner Party Would Have Survived If They’d Only Taken Interstate 80

    It would have been slow-going since they didn't have all-wheel drive vehicles, but it would have been much simpler than trying to lift their wagons manually up and over the pass.

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