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    Rocklin, CA Enthusiastically Hands Off Low-Income Housing Responsibilities to Citrus Heights

    Fred Dicks, a Rocklin-based, foot-obsessed podiatrist, said, '"It's like treating a bunion; you don't want to see it, so you just shove it in a shoe. It's toe-tally awesome!"

    Psychic Fair Organizers Fail To Predict Catering Error

    You would have thought they would have seen that coming.

    Tiger Woods Threatens to Sue Grass Valley Over Mural

    Grass Valley, CA -- What was designed to be a local tribute to our community's appreciation for American heroes and tolerance for racial diversity...

    Lake Wildwood Lowers Speed Limit to 24mph

    A committee at the Lake Wildwood gated community has voted to lower the speed limit to 24mph.

    Shocking Video: Car Disappears Into Portal

    A minivan enters the frame, it disappears into a ball of light.

    PG&E Tells Penn Valley Customers “At Least We Didn’t Murder You”

    For weeks the residents of Rough and Ready and Penn Valley have suffered through random power outages during triple digital heat waves with no explanations from PG&E.

    Area Homeless Publishing Pictures of Safeway Shoppers

    The local homeless population is fighting back against hatred.

    Grass Valley Time Traveler Finally Unmasked: The Secret 1890 Scandal

    A shocking discovery reveals a time traveler from 2023 caught on camera in 1890 Grass Valley, California. Seth Dendy was apprehended during the annual 4th of July parade, attempting to Google how to buy railroad stocks. His bizarre tale of time travel and stock market schemes has captivated historians and conspiracy theorists alike. At the same time, Grass Valley prepares for a "Time Traveler's Festival" to celebrate their newfound fame.

    Del Oro Tower to Offer Free WiFi For Grass Valley: A Retrospective

    After years of fiber optic delays, the iconic Del Oro Theater along with sponsor NetFlix have announced a WiFi project for downtown Grass Valley.

    Mayhem After Nevada City Uses Deer to Eat Underbrush During Hunting Season

    Many are questioning Nevada City's use of using deer to eat fire-prone undergrowth during the height of hunting season.

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