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    Local Comic Uses Same Punchline To Mixed Results

    Local comedian and Los Angeles transplant Darrell Gandy has been using the same punchline in all of his routines with mixed results.

    PG&E Holds Electricity BOGO Sale

    There could be a surge in business.

    An Exclusive Tour of Nevada City’s Secret Mineshafts

    In Nevada City, a clandestine exploration beneath the quaint streets reveals more than just hidden tunnels; it uncovers a town rich in eccentricities, guarded by the whimsical Keepers and their rivals, The Diggers. Join Loretta Splitair as she navigates this underground saga, where history and humor collide in unexpected ways.

    COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction Rates Skyrocket In Nevada County

    Nevada County super-spreader events have featured "intimacy activities" designed to increase "natural" herd immunity.

    Nevada City Woman Has World’s First Tinfoil Scalp Implant

    Carol Mist has successfully undergone surgery to insert a layer of tinfoil underneath her scalp. Seen here in front of Nevada City's famous Stone House.

    US Navy Hospital Arrives at Scotts Flat Lake 2 years Too Late

    Not everyone is convinced that the arrival of the USNS Comfort is a good idea.

    Area Constitutional Scholar Now a Virus Expert

    He's a data scientist, an economist, now a virologist! And a massive racist.

    Shocking Discovery Reveals the Wright Brothers Were NOT First in Flight:

    New evidence suggests that Lyman Gilmore, an aviation pioneer from Grass Valley, California, may have achieved the first human flight in an airplane on May 15, 1902, over a year before the Wright Brothers' historic 1903 flight. A recently discovered photograph has reignited interest in Gilmore's story, potentially rewriting aviation history. While skeptics question the photo's validity, this revelation could shift public perception of who truly conquered the skies first.

    Cell Phone Tower Doubles in Size Following Record Rains

    The controversial cell phone tower with was erected in Grass Valley's Brunswick Basin has grown by over 70 feet following a record-setting year for rainfall.

    Nevada City Woman Smudges Home

    A "spiritually-oriented" Nevada City woman has "smudged" her new home with sage to remove all its bad energy.

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