Suspicious Rice Cooker Left Outside of Salvation Army

    The Police were dispatched to attend to a suspicious appliance outside of the Grass Valley Salvation Army.

    Briarpatch Co-op Announces “Pay It Forward” Checkout Line

    The “Pay It Forward” checkout line allows BriarPatch customers to pay for the groceries of the person directly behind them in line.

    Area Guinea Pig Chews Thoughtfully Despite Approaching Civilization Collapse

    Area Guinea Pig Sugar Peaches isn't concerned about the pending nuclear holocaust brought on by a Donald Trump[ Presidency.

    Area Satirist Can Not Get His Headlines Down to a Reasonable Size Due to the Complexity of His Hooks And the Fact that He’s...

    Rhode Island Street's Davis Corny has a knack for huge headlines.

    Board of Supervisors Declare Nevada City the Capital of Grass Valley

    In a surprising and 4-1 vote this week, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors declared that Nevada City, henceforth going forward, is the capital of the neighboring city Grass Valley.

    Lunatic Fish Causes Countywide Lockdown

    Deftly toggling between 3G and 5G, the fish, described as red by many, has been able to avoid detection and positive identification by law enforcement.

    National Hotel’s 5G-Shielded Suite Booked Through 2024

    Nevada City's iconic National Exchange Hotel is getting some alternative upgrades.

    Mohawk Dog Rescued From Evil Tasteless Owner

    An area dog is recovering from what many are calling a tasteless act of cruelty.

    Board of Supervisors Ban Satire In Local Facebook News Groups

    In an astounding move, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors plan on penalizing anyone how posts satirical articles to local Faceook News groups.

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