Graham Chapman’s Ashes To Visit the Center For The Arts

    The ashes of Graham Chapman, the very dead English comedian, writer, actor, and one of the six members of the surreal comedy group Monty Python, are coming to Grass Valley's Center for the Arts.

    AT&T’s New “Fuck You” Test Campaign in Nevada County Deemed a Failure

    After 1 month, telecommunications giant AT&T is having second thoughts on its new "Fuck You" Customer Service Campaign.

    Deceased Nevada City Dentist Loved Family, the Philharmonic and Wife Swapping

    Harold Ardon, 92, died Monday at his Nevada City home.

    Nevada City Father of the Year Quenches Kids’ Thirst for Quality Water

    Plumber dad Bjorn Andersen's unique solution to his kids' complaints about bathroom water quality leaves them thrilled! Ingeniously connecting the toilet to the sink faucet, Andersen watches with delight as his children enjoy the "new" water, blissfully unaware of its true origin.

    Area Idiot Uncomfortably Loud in Safeway Checkout Line

    A Grass Valley family made a ruckus, as they always do, in a local Safeway over the weekend.

    ISIS Training Camp Raided At Nevada County State Park

    Local authorities and Federal law enforcement have broken up an elaborate ISIS terrorist operation in the Sierra Foothills state park Malakoff Diggins.

    Local Racist Denies Racist Comments After Saying He Was “Gypped by the Blacks”

    "We need to fight back against this kind of injustice," Caustic ironically said.

    Mohawk Dog Rescued From Evil Tasteless Owner

    An area dog is recovering from what many are calling a tasteless act of cruelty.

    Area Medicare Recipient Tired of Your ‘Socialist Bullshit’

    A retired local baby boomer doesn't have any patience for your socialism.

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