Local Activist Commits To “Chemtrail” Strip Club Tour

    Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun seen here using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

    David Copperfield Denies Making the Del Oro Tower Disappear

    The famed illusionist denies making the iconic tower disappear.

    Minnesota Sues Grass Valley’s Twin Cities Church

    The State of Minnesota is not happy with a local church's name, and is now suing to get them to change their name.

    Satirist Accidentally Backs Into Gay Joke

    An area satirist doesn't know he's funny.

    Nevada City Autistic Boy Always Tells the Truth

    15-year-old high-functioning Autistic boy Reiko Paine of Nevada City has a knack for telling you like it is.

    Mohawk Dog Rescued From Evil Tasteless Owner

    An area dog is recovering from what many are calling a tasteless act of cruelty.

    Teen Enters Volatile Quesadilla Only Phase of Young Adulthood

    Kevin has prepared and eaten only cheese quesadillas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past week.

    PG&E Sends Thoughts & Prayers To Wildfire Victims

    Pacific, Gas & Electric's new Thoughts and Prayers program provides little relief for victims of wildfires.

    Gay Man Finds Nevada City’s Fashion Scene “Beyond Appalling”

    Not Nearly Enough Man Buns, He Claims

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