Dead Body Found in Cemetery

    Area ghost hunters found more than they were expecting in a local cemetery.

    Area Woman Buried By CVS Receipt Pile

    Grass Valley resident Millie Franks was nearly smothered under 27  lbs. of CVS receipts on Saturday.

    Nevada City and Sedona Vying for Earth’s #1 Spiritual Vortex

    Other cities and regions, such as Arcata, CA, and the entire Hawaiian Island of Kauai, are also vying for this coveted #1 spot. Fresno, CA, unfortunately, did not make a list.

    Nevada County Scooper Sold to Grace Lutheran Church for $2 Million

    The prestigious Nevada County Scooper has been sold to a local church.

    Enlightened Self-Interest Fails to Fill Grass Valley Pothole

    Despite an earnest sense of voluntarism, an area pothole hasn't been fixed.

    Nevada City Artist Hires Photographer to Capture Him Pooping

    Thorsten Urner's latest artistic experiment might have gone too far.

    PG&E Sends Thoughts & Prayers To Wildfire Victims

    Pacific, Gas & Electric's new Thoughts and Prayers program provides little relief for victims of wildfires.

    Grass Valley Police Informed of Caffeinated German Tourists

    The City of Grass Valley is on high alert after a tip that hopped-up Germans might be coming to town.

    Exclusive Covid Hospital for Unvaxxed Accepting Patients as Soon as Monday

    The new COVID ward is scheduled to open its doors at the beginning of next week. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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