Feds Bust Local Dolphin Masturbation Ring

    A massive dolphin masturbation ring was busted up outside the Nevada City, CA city limits by Federal officials working with the local Sheriff.

    North San Juan Cancels 2023 Cannabis Cup

    North San Juan (NSJ), CA -- In a surprising move, the North San Juan community has canceled its famed NSJ Cannabis Cup judging for...

    Zuckerberg to Teach Nevada County How To Use the Internet

    Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg has pulled together a task force to, in his words, "show those idiots how to use the internet."

    Local Racist Denies Racist Comments After Saying He Was “Gypped by the Blacks”

    "We need to fight back against this kind of injustice," Caustic ironically said.

    Elks Lodge to Host Roundabout Support Group

    The Grass Valley Elk's Lodge held a contentious "support group" to discuss the menacing East Main Street Roundabout.

    Gov. DeSantis’ Drag Queen School Guard Frenzy: Florida’s Most Outrageous Solution to School Shootings Yet

    In a shocking twist, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposes deploying drag queens to prevent school shootings. This controversial plan, dubbed "Drag Queens for School Safety," has drawn backlash from both the LGBTQ+ community and the general public.

    North San Juan Sisters Arrested for Illegal Weed Grow

    Twin sisters Debra and Lola Hall were arrested on multiple charges this week.

    Hipster Worried Beard Not Long Enough for Sharia Law

    Area author Roy Riffle is worried that he will not grow a beard long enough to satisfy the requirements of the inevitable arrival of Sharia Law.

    Report: Flatlanders Start Most Nevada County Fires

    A recent study funded by the Fire Safe Council and the city government of Grass Valley has determined that the majority of wildfires in Nevada County are caused by Flatlanders and stupid people named "Sal."

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