Grass Valley, CA — In a groundbreaking marketing move, Grass Valley’s iconic Del Oro Theater has unveiled a cheeky new promotion: show your butthole at the ticket booth every Tuesday and get free admission! But don’t get too excited; the rear-ly delightful offer is limited to one admission per family.

The Del Oro Theater, known for its tasteful selection of films and gorgeous Art Deco architecture, is now taking a step into the world of unconventional promotions. The new deal, dubbed “Tushy Tuesdays,” aims to attract a new crowd of moviegoers who are, presumably, not too shy about mooning their fellow film enthusiasts.

The management of Del Oro Theater is confident in the promotion’s success.

“We’ve really cracked the code on boosting attendance,” says General Manager Ima Mooner. “We want to make Del Oro Theater a place where everyone feels welcome, even if it means they must drop trou for a ticket.”

However, the promotion has not been without its critics. Some Grass Valley residents have expressed concerns about the “indecent exposure” aspect of Tushy Tuesdays. Del Oro Theater has assured the public that every precaution will be taken to ensure the process remains tasteful and discreet, including using a specially-designed “Butthole Booth” for maximum privacy.

The theater is also prepared for the eventuality of a “backdoor bottleneck” during the promotion, with plans to hire additional staff to help manage the crowds of eager moviegoers. “We’re expecting a lot of cheeky behavior, but our team will be well-equipped to handle any hairy situations,” said a spokesperson for the theater.

In addition to the free admission deal, Del Oro Theater has partnered with local businesses to offer discounts on food and beverages for Tushy Tuesday attendees. For example, Grass Valley’s Nevada Club will offer a special “Crack of Dawn” cocktail for moviegoers who dare to bear it.

Despite the promotion’s controversy, Tushy Tuesdays have garnered a cult following. Social media has been abuzz with residents eagerly sharing their plans to participate in the daring deal, and local butt puns have never been more popular.

As Grass Valley’s Del Oro Theater boldly goes where no theater has gone, one thing is certain: movie nights in this quaint Californian town will never be the same again. So, mark your calendars, folks! It’s time to turn the other cheek and prepare for Tushy Tuesdays.