Reporting from South Carolina — Former President Donald Trump has vowed to “Make America Light Again” by reinstating Miller Lite as an essential dietary supplement. This bold move aims to elevate the nation’s spirits, one light beer at a time.

In a press conference held at a Charleston, SC tavern instead of the usual stuffy room, Trump declared, “It’s clear that Americans are tired of heavy diets and fake news. It’s time to bring back the real American diet – light, frothy, and full of freedom. Miller Lite is not just a beer; it’s the elixir of the common man!”

Critics argue this policy might be a frothy idea with no substance, but supporters are already toasting on their health. Local gymgoers and part-time philosopher Bud Weiser commented, “It’s high time we recognized the liquid bread for its nutritional value. Plus, I’ve heard it’s hydrating. Or was that dehydrating? Anyway, cheers to health!”

Local Nevada County reaction was predictable.

Grass Valley’s esteemed dietician, Kale Smoothie, expressed her skepticism.

“While Miller Lite does have fewer calories than most beers, categorizing it as a dietary supplement might be a stretch. Unless I’m unaware of a new vitamin called ‘beer.'”

Meanwhile, North San Juan’s local conspiracy theorist, Skyy Wolford, suggested, “This is just a distraction from the real issue – the government’s failure to recognize the health benefits of moonshine and its undeniable role in the founding of our great nation!”

Miller Lite CEO announced a new marketing campaign, “Brewed for Fitness.” The campaign will feature gym equipment made from recycled beer cans and a series of workout videos demonstrating how to lift beer cases correctly.

As the nation watches this story unfold, one thing is clear: when life gives you hops, make ‘hopportunity.’ Only time will tell whether this initiative will ferment into a full-blown health revolution or leave the country with a collective hangover. But for now, America is ready to tap into the potential of Miller Lite, one can at a time.