Nevada County Offers Free Driving Lessons For Subaru and Prius Owners

    Nevada County owners of Subarus and Priuses will get free driver's education.

    Grass Valley To Replace All Traffic Signals with Roundabouts

    In a bold move, Grass Valley has decided to replace all traffic signals with Roundabouts.

    Area Homeless Man Finds Purpose as a Parking Meter

    So far the gig is working out for everyone involved. Even Nevada City is playing along thinking of "The Home's" actions as an attraction for tourists.

    KNCO Swap Shopper Assures Audience that His Tires are “Like New”

    Area caller into KNCO's Swap Shop insists that his tires for sale are "like new."

    Camptonville Mom Treating Autism with Coconut Oil

    According to Autism experts, there is no evidence to suggest that coconut oil is an effective treatment, let alone cure, for Autism.

    Area Homeless Key Link in January 6th Indictments

    The FBI rounded up and detained upwards of 42 homeless for questioning, with an unspecified amount transported to several unnamed detention centers deemed "high risk for further crime."

    Friar Tucks Shuttered in Latest Blow to Donald Trump

    The topsy-turvy Sierra Nevada foothills town hasn't seen this much controversy since Cirino's on Broad Street blamed Communists and Obamacare for its failed business over a decade ago.

    Fueling Up with Flair: Hooters Revs Up Roseville with One-of-a-Kind Gas Stations

    Roseville's roads just got racier: Hooters, the brand famous for wings and waitresses, is pumping a new kind of energy into town with the launch of their full-service gas stations, blending fuel-ups with fun.

    Mayhem After Nevada City Uses Deer to Eat Underbrush During Hunting Season

    Many are questioning Nevada City's use of using deer to eat fire-prone undergrowth during the height of hunting season.

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