BriarPatch Employees Enjoy Shopping at Grocery Outlet

    Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Grass Valley, CA where most BriarPatch Co-op employees can afford to shop.

    Study: Donner Party Would Have Survived If They’d Only Taken Interstate 80

    It would have been slow-going since they didn't have all-wheel drive vehicles, but it would have been much simpler than trying to lift their wagons manually up and over the pass.

    ICE to Handle Lake Wildwood’s Canadian Infestation

    According to the official, Canadian geese illegally entering the U.S. borders will be detained.

    Suspicious Rice Cooker Left Outside of Salvation Army

    The Police were dispatched to attend to a suspicious appliance outside of the Grass Valley Salvation Army.

    Humpty Dumpty to Offer “I’ll Just Have a Bite of His” Menu Section

    The new menu section contains a variety of options for the non-eating eater.

    Hippie Kid Just Might Need a Bath

    A Happy 6-year-old Daisy-Ann Macarthur might need a bath, or not.

    How Your WiFi Is Poisoning Your Armageddon Supplies

    A new 2-year study suggests that WiFi and cell phone radiation will damage your long-term Armageddon food supplies.

    Activist Calls for Terminating Harmful Local Radio Stations

    An area activist calls for terminating all radio broadcasts to protect people's health, and occasionally property values.

    Nevada City’s Deep Connection to Russian Oligarchs

    For over a century, Russia's grip on Nevada City was relatively unknown, until now.

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