Suspicious Rice Cooker Left Outside of Salvation Army

    The Police were dispatched to attend to a suspicious appliance outside of the Grass Valley Salvation Army.

    Nation’s First 5G Vaccinations Offered at Nevada City Homeless Shelter

    Nevada City became the nation's first to vaccinate against the dangers of 5G wireless technologies.

    Nevada City 5G Injury Lawyer Files Bankruptcy

    A local law firm has run out of money to fight the dangers of 5G.

    North San Juan Man Just Wants to be Left the Hell Alone

    North San Juan resident, poet, painter, and occasional "alternative" farmer Bob "Red" Folstein just wants you to stop asking him questions.

    Colfax, California Votes to Join Neighboring Nevada County

    Since the late 1970s, the small town next to interstate 80 has had several 'secession' movements.

    Smug Area Centaur Having Trouble ‘Fitting In’

    According to many locals, area centaur Royce C. Bradley's social anxiety concerns might be "just in his head."

    Nevada City Experimenting with Polio in City’s Drinking Water

    In an attempt to exploit the benefits of 'natural immunity' over vaccine immunity, Nevada City, CA is experimenting with polio in their drinking water.

    Nevada City Socialists to Arm Parking Meters

    A group of Nevada City Socialists are arming parking meters to raise revenues for the city.

    Area Guinea Pig Obtains Higher Consciousness In Pile Of Timothy Hay

    An area guinea pig has found peace and self actualization after his 11-year old owner Stephanie Jameson accidentally have the creature a double amount of timothy hay earlier this week.

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