Local Racist Denies Racist Comments After Saying He Was “Gypped by the Blacks”

    "We need to fight back against this kind of injustice," Caustic ironically said.

    Gavin Newsom Suggests Draining Lake Tahoe to Solve Future Droughts

    Lake Tahoe has 39 trillion gallons of water. That is enough water to supply everyone in the United States with 75 gallons per day for five years.

    Nevada City’s Next Farm-to-Table Dinner to Feature Bigfoot Meat

    The meat will be served in several ways, from Bigfoot tartare to slow-roasted BBQ.

    Dixon Voted NorCal’s #1 Place To Take a Crap

    Dixon has always been a traveler's favorite place to relieve themselves.

    Local Militia Attempts to Reopen Denny’s

    A Placer County self-proclaimed 'patriot militia' attempted to re-open a Newcastle Denny's restaurant.

    Roundabout Approved For Briar Patch Parking Lot

    The Grass Valley BriarPatch COOP leadership announced today that it plans on moving forward with a controversial Roundabout in the parking lot.

    Bank Robbers Mistakenly Rob Area Food Bank Van

    A group of stupid criminals from Sacramento mistakenly robbed a Grass Valley food bank delivery van.

    Area Constitutional Scholar Now a Virus Expert

    He's a data scientist, an economist, now a virologist! And a massive racist.

    Traffic Blocked on Highway 49 by Accidental Bounce House

    As if Highway 49's traffic problems weren't bad enough already.

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