Alta Sierra, CA — Local golfers in Alta Sierra received a surprise this week when Keith Bradenshauer, a resident of the area known for his interest in cryptozoology, and his two children, Sammy and Meredith, stumbled upon an intriguing find on the 7th hole of the Alta Sierra golf course.

The surprising “specimen,” now appropriately called “The Bigfoot Bogey,” was quickly contained in the most scientifically suitable container at the time – an empty Pringles can. Keith eagerly shared the photos of his impressive discovery on local social media groups.

“We were all, like, ‘ew,'” said 12-year-old Sammy, with Meredith nodding in agreement.

Keith’s enthusiasm was evident.

“This is a significant opportunity, everyone! After my 2015 photograph of Bigfoot, which I believe this specimen comes from, my critter cam footage of that possible werewolf last year, and, of course, my potential sighting of the Black Knight Satellite through my backyard telescope… this is the conclusive evidence the world’s been waiting for! Alta Sierra will finally gain recognition in the field of cryptozoology!”

It is widely known that Keith’s previous findings have elicited a range of reactions from the community, including amusement, skepticism, and, at times, disbelief. One individual who shared similar interests, Patty Elmhurst, was eager to express her support.

“I’ve always admired Keith’s passion. The universe is full of mysteries, and just because this may seem unlikely doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Wow, that thing is huge! It’s quite large for an average canine. Definitely Bigfoot.”

However, Gary Mitchell, a long-time resident of Alta Sierra, had a different perspective.

“Every month, there’s always something new happening with Keith. Last year, he believed he had discovered a unicorn horn. It ended up being a paper cone from the ice cream truck. I respectfully believe that Keith has been spending an excessive amount of time outdoors. It’s about time someone brought some reason to his attention.”

In response to the skepticism and to confirm the findings, Keith sent the specimen to a laboratory for scientific validation. Rundex Biological Services, a renowned lab, willingly accepted the challenging assignment of examining the contents of the Pringles can.

After conducting extensive DNA testing, Robert Colvin, a spokesman for Rundex, confirmed that the fecal matter belonged to a local pitbull named Charley.

“Just to clarify, this is not Bigfoot feces,” he mentioned. “We have previously conducted tests on Charley’s feces.” The owners frequently allow him to explore Hole 7 freely. I recommend they closely monitor him, particularly given his affinity for green.”

When questioned about how the lab knew the dog’s name, Colvin, with a hint of amusement, replied, “In our field, we become familiar with repeat offenders.” Charley has been consistently making contributions.”

Keith, nevertheless undeterred, maintains a positive outlook. Well, science does have its limitations. Could it be possible that Charley had a playdate with Bigfoot? Ever considered that?” He pondered.

As the sun sets on the Alta Sierra golf course, golfers may now ponder if there are any mysterious players on the course after hours. Or maybe it’s just Charley relishing his independence and creating a stir on the 7th hole.

Only time will tell, but for now, golfers are advised to be cautious and perhaps have an empty Pringles can nearby. You never know when you might come across the next significant breakthrough.