Grass Valley Approves 5G Tower at Roundabout

    The controversial 5G tower is set for launch sometime this spring.

    Grass Valley Time Traveler Finally Unmasked: The Secret 1890 Scandal

    A shocking discovery reveals a time traveler from 2023 caught on camera in 1890 Grass Valley, California. Seth Dendy was apprehended during the annual 4th of July parade, attempting to Google how to buy railroad stocks. His bizarre tale of time travel and stock market schemes has captivated historians and conspiracy theorists alike. At the same time, Grass Valley prepares for a "Time Traveler's Festival" to celebrate their newfound fame.

    Feds Bust Local Dolphin Masturbation Ring

    A massive dolphin masturbation ring was busted up outside the Nevada City, CA city limits by Federal officials working with the local Sheriff.

    Humpty Dumpty Kitchen Now Offers Ranch Dressing as a Main Course

    The genius idea came from one of "The Dump's" servers, Daphne Hoosie, after she noticed patrons simply eating sides of ranch dressing.

    Grass Valley Homeless Man Effortlessly Weathers Banking Crisis

    Discover how "Downtown Dave," a local homeless man, navigates the U.S. banking crisis with ease by investing in cardboard and tin cans, inspiring others to rethink their financial strategies.

    Former Mayors Worried That Articles Might Be About Them

    For over a century, Nevada City CA's leaders have worried that their unusual and conspiratorial opinions might be the subject of public scrutiny.

    North San Juan Sisters Arrested for Illegal Weed Grow

    Twin sisters Debra and Lola Hall were arrested on multiple charges this week.

    10 Wacky and Wild Ways to Make the Most of Your Nevada County Snow

    Why let snow ruin your day when you can turn it into a party? Dive into our list of 10 wild and wacky ways to make the most of excessive snowfall, from creating a frozen fashion runway to crafting snow-sicles for a unique treat. These impractical yet hilarious ideas are guaranteed to make your winter season unforgettable. So, grab your snow boots and join us on this frosty journey that will leave you laughing and shivering in equal measure

    BriarPatch Adds Roundabout Around Salad Bar

    Grass Valley's BriarPatch COOP has installed a traffic roundabout around its salad bar to mixed reaction.

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