Area Woman Excited About Receiving 6″-10″ This Week

    She's looking forward to it coming.

    Grass Valley Police Informed of Caffeinated German Tourists

    The City of Grass Valley is on high alert after a tip that hopped-up Germans might be coming to town.

    COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction Rates Skyrocket In Nevada County

    Nevada County super-spreader events have featured "intimacy activities" designed to increase "natural" herd immunity.

    Grass Valley’s Neal Street to be Transformed into Year-Round Ice Skating Rink Amid Local Outcry

    In a controversial move, Grass Valley plans to transform Neil Street into a year-round, downhill ice-skating rink, despite local objections. Residents are already adjusting to the pedestrian-only Mill Street and its cobblestones, with some expressing concerns over safety and practicality. As Grass Valley pushes forward with innovative ideas, the city risks skating on thin ice with its inhabitants.

    Grass Valley Woman Uses Internet to Self-diagnose Gluten Disease

    Shelly Wagner seen here "researching" scabies and ebola symptoms

    No Takers For Free Color Television With VCR in Alta Sierra

    Nancy Woods of Alta Sierra has found no takers for her free 19 inch color television with built-in VCR after advertising the item on the popular local call KNCO radio show Swap Shop.

    Facebook to Allow Area Man’s ‘Merman Nipples’

    "Dusk" James Tilson of Nevada City, CA will be allowed to bare his nipples on Facebook after winning a protected battle with the social media giant.

    Area Fetishist Accidentally Buys Giant Black Clock

    Lake of the Pines resident Jared Beggar announced to his 500 Facebook friends and followers that he had purchased a giant black clock.

    Nevada City Woman Has World’s First Tinfoil Scalp Implant

    Carol Mist has successfully undergone surgery to insert a layer of tinfoil underneath her scalp. Seen here in front of Nevada City's famous Stone House.

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