Grass Valley, CA — What was designed to be a local tribute to our community’s appreciation for American heroes and tolerance for racial diversity has become a point of heated controversy, not just in the small town of Grass Valley, California, but on the international stage as well.

Professional golfer and childhood prodigy Tiger Woods is initiating a lawsuit against the City of Grass Valley, the County of Nevada County, and a painter named David C Jensen in an attempt to stop the unveiling of a local masterpiece that was well-intentioned but, perhaps, poorly timed.

Pictures of the mural spread rapidly across social media and came to Tiger Woods’s attention, who was displeased by the less-than-flattering depiction of him depicted up against a plain brick wall.

The mural was commissioned last year by Grass Valley with funds from the local Chamber of Commerce, the National Minority Golf Association, and a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant from the previous Obama Administration to promote, in the words of the grant, “diversity, harmony and celebrate Americana.” The project was approved late last summer, and area artist David C Jensen immediately presented mock-ups to the city council.

However, the artist had a last-minute change of heart after the recent arrest of Tiger Woods and decided to inject irony and humor into the project, unveiled over the weekend. Not everyone shared his sense of irony and humor.

“Well, to be honest, I think this is just plain inappropriate,” said area trinket collector, “oriental” food connoisseur, and occasional racist Terry¬†Adkinson¬†of Grass Valley. “All this politically correct stuff is ruining this country. Why couldn’t they have chosen a great American like Arnold Palmer or Mel Gibson? But Tiger Woods? Come on.”

Some were angry that the fallen golf star was chosen due to his recent arrest.

“I just don’t approve of celebrating drunk driving,” commented Bridget Doggins with her child, not understanding that Mr. Woods’ DUI was due to Xanax, not alcohol. “I mean, look at him. All drunk and everything. I hope they cover this up and put Obama on there.”

According to Everett Issac, Tiger Woods’ lawyer, the famous golfer had not authorized nor approved the mural and plans to seek relief against the city and county for unspecified damages.

City and County officials could not be reached for comment.