Las Vegas, NV — Local Nevada City, CA conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun started off her world strip club tour at the Palomino Club in Las Vegas, NV. The Palomino Club is a full nude club with a storied history in Vegas debuting many up-and-coming starlets.

Ramun embarked on this tour at the behest of her manager and North San Juan resident Ron Reachie.

“This tour will make them love you and get your message out there for all to hear,” Reachie said.

Ramun’s act places her on stage topless wearing only a tinfoil hat and tinfoil panties, making her talking points about chemtrails and how a simple online publication ruined her life.

Frequent Palomino club patron Thor Baslem spoke to me about Ramun’s performance.

“It was weird, like kissing your sister kind of weird,” said Thor. “What’s even weirder is after seeing her, I’m suddenly hungry for fried eggs.”

Ramun has only been booked by a handful of clubs so far, mostly as a favor to her manager.  She has taken the nudity in stride, considering it a price to pay to educate the blind public.

Ramun, who is known for her social media outburst condemning police to death for simply doing their jobs and for asking area citizens to donate their toenails for chemtrail residue testing, hopes this is the way back into the public heart. After all, sex sells.