Penn Valley, CA — When partners Ken Kurst and Damion Daniels relocated from Alameda, CA, to Penn Valley, they dreamed of a great reset during the COVID pandemic. Kurst and Daniels both were tech workers, and when they moved in late 2020 to their new home near Lake Wildwood, they thought they’d keep their day jobs. Kurst was a Python developer, and Daniels was a business development specialist for, a meal delivery service.

But like many Millennial professionals, they wanted more from life. And they didn’t like the high-tech rat race with its long hours and endless and tedious meetings. So early this year, both quit their jobs, and with the remaining equity from the Alameda home sale, they decided to follow their dreams of opening their own business. That’s when Glory Hole Donuts became a reality.

“I have a lot of experience in food supply chains and operations, and Damion is a marketing genius,” said Mr. Kurst speaking of their new venture. “It was his idea to open a modern, Portland-like donut shop in our adopted hometown. It was my job to operationalize the idea.”

Opened last week, Glory Hole Donuts offers all kinds of fabulous, exotic pastries for all kinds of tastes and lifestyles.

“We have something for everyone. And I know this kind of diversity is expensive, but we think it’s the right path. Our Beard Hole is our most popular seller, followed by our gigantic Muscle Mary Apple Fritter. Locals seem to love them.”

Glory Hole Donuts is open from 6 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday and from 6 am – 12 pm on Saturdays. They’re closed on Sunday.

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