Bernie Sanders Calls for Eco-Friendly Chemtrail Reform

    Bernie Sanders wants to do Chemtrail reform the right way.

    The Strange Things Lurking in Nevada City’s Secret Mine Shafts

    In the heart of historic Nevada City, whispers of a clandestine group echo against the backdrop of the Gold Rush's forgotten tunnels. Our latest investigation peels back the layers of local myths to reveal the shadowy figures who have kept a 150-year-old secret, feeding the subterranean whispers with offerings to the unknown. Join us as we venture into the depths where history and mystery converge in Nevada City's most guarded enigma.

    Rocklin, CA Enthusiastically Hands Off Low-Income Housing Responsibilities to Citrus Heights

    Fred Dicks, a Rocklin-based, foot-obsessed podiatrist, said, '"It's like treating a bunion; you don't want to see it, so you just shove it in a shoe. It's toe-tally awesome!"

    BriarPatch Terminates Cat Yoga Sessions After Complaints from Dog Owners

    After receiving numerous threats from dogs owners, a local CO-OP has shut down all cat yoga sessions.

    Grass Valley Woman Sued for Unpaid $16,000 McDonald’s Bill

    McDonald's Legal Drama Unfolds: Upset Customer Faces Grimace Purpleton in Court over Unpaid McBucks

    Trader Joe’s “Mini Joe’s” To Open Next to Mother Truckers

    In a surprise to many Nevada County residents, Trader Joe's is opening a store on the North San Juan Ridge.

    Saxophone-Playing Dad Who Serenades Area Goats, Largely Ignored

    A Nevada City man was unsuccessful in his attempts to charm area goats.

    Grass Valley Man Advised to Double Bag Deceased Cat

    A Grass Valley resident is still grieving after discovering his beloved cat was caught under the wheel well of his Buick LeSabre and dragged for three city blocks.

    “You Never Know Until You Try,” Proclaims Area Idiot Running At Police With BB Gun

    An area practical joker took one too many risks recently.

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