Grass Valley’s Neal Street to be Transformed into Year-Round Ice Skating Rink Amid Local Outcry

    In a controversial move, Grass Valley plans to transform Neil Street into a year-round, downhill ice-skating rink, despite local objections. Residents are already adjusting to the pedestrian-only Mill Street and its cobblestones, with some expressing concerns over safety and practicality. As Grass Valley pushes forward with innovative ideas, the city risks skating on thin ice with its inhabitants.

    Del Oro Theater’s Cheeky New Deal: Bare Your Derriere, See a Free Movie

    Grass Valley's iconic Del Oro Theater introduces "Tushy Tuesdays," where moviegoers can gain free admission by baring their buttholes at the ticket booth. This daring deal, limited to one admission per family, promises a cheeky experience with the theater ensuring discretion and privacy through a specially-designed "Butthole Booth."

    Area Grandpa Requests His Dead COVID Body Be Dumped on Mill Street

    An elderly man stricken with the coronavirus has requested that his dead body be dumped in front of Mill Street businesses that insist on staying open during the pandemic.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses Know You’re Home Right Now

    The current shelter-in-place orders are a "target-rich" environment for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    How Grass Valley’s Mill Street Went Woke

    Grass Valley's Mill Street transformation ignites a battle between progressive city officials and conservative residents, who see the pedestrian walkway as a symbol of "wokeness" and liberal agendas. The city now faces the challenge of balancing modernization with preserving traditions, while quelling the debate over its direction.

    Former Mayors Worried That Articles Might Be About Them

    For over a century, Nevada City CA's leaders have worried that their unusual and conspiratorial opinions might be the subject of public scrutiny.

    Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee

    Then Donner Family Buffet promises all kinds of authentic Donner Party Food.

    BriarPatch Adds Roundabout Around Salad Bar

    Grass Valley's BriarPatch COOP has installed a traffic roundabout around its salad bar to mixed reaction.

    Grass Valley Teen Gets Pregnant at Teen Pool Party, Parents Sue

    Parents are suing after teen becomes pregnant in local backyard pool.

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