Nevada City Man to Write Steinbeckian “Trimmigrant” Account of Nevada County

    Aspiring author Roy Riffle of Nevada City, CA is writing a Steinbeckian account of local workers.

    Illegal Trimmigrant Thwarts Nevada City Tweaker’s Gun Rampage

    One man put a stop to this tweaked out gunman's rampage.

    New Study Finds Vegans More Annoying Than Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Women Against Meat or WAM, are organizing a protest to take place at the University on Friday during the morning commute.

    Local Activist Commits To “Chemtrail” Strip Club Tour

    Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun seen here using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

    Study: Cell Towers Kill Zika And West Nile Virus Mosquitoes

    A massive new study has found that cell towers kill disease-laden mosquitoes.

    Grass Valley Criminal Critically Ill After Accidentally Siphoning RV’s Septic Tank

    Area petty criminal Jimmie Saldoscent is recovering in custody today after mistakenly trying to siphon gasoline from a local RV's septic tank.

    Fukushima Radiation Detected in North San Juan, CA

    Skyy Wolford ran around the Sierra Super Stop yelling at people with boats.

    Radioactive Material Discovered During Annual Yuba River Cleanup

    Two Nevada Union High School students made a scary discovery at Hoyt's Crossing during the annual Yuba River clean up day.

    Russians Hack Georgetown High School JumboTron with Porn

    Washington D.C. -- A Russian hacking group is claiming responsibility for seizing control of a Georgetown high school stadium's JumboTron television and running porn...

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