Rocklin, CA — In Rocklin, often called “Diet Orange County North,” a unique exhibit is currently on display at Destiny Community Center, a well-known conservative Christian megachurch. The exhibition features the decaying corpse of the late conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, creating a buzz among the city’s residents.

The exhibit, “The Grand Display of the Eternal Rush,” is part of an 8-month tour across the United States, Hungary, and Texas. It has now reached Rocklin amidst its sprawling, expensive new housing developments.

“Upon entering the ‘Eternal Rush’ exhibit at Destiny Community Center, visitors are immediately greeted by Rush Limbaugh, seated on the ‘EIB Throne of Truth,’ explained ‘Eternal Rush’ curator Daphne Newport. “His preserved yet decaying form is a stark reminder of his lasting impact. With its dim lighting and endless loop of his controversial statements, the exhibit immerses visitors in the essence of Limbaugh’s persona.”

A Teachable Moment.

The response within the local country clubs is palpable.

Rush Limbaugh is visiting Rocklin for 3 weeks.

“Rush was a voice for the real America. His words and spirit live on, even in corpse form,” commented Baylor Yates, a Rocklin real estate developer who claims he has listened to Limbaugh since he referred to the homeless as ‘human refuse’ in the early 1990s. Yates claims he can still hear him in his dreams at night.

The exhibit has become a controversial topic for family outings in Rocklin.

“It’s a teachable moment,” says a parent, ignoring the terror in their child’s eyes at the sight of Limbaugh’s remains. “His spirit is more vibrant than ever,” they add, echoing the sentiment that Limbaugh’s spirit has preserved his remains for his followers.

Several reports of parents comforting their disturbed children have been in the exhibit.

“Rush is a hero,” Kent Posture, a local orthodontist, reassured his son Jayson (9), frightened by the sight of Limbaugh’s rotten form. “Be inspired, not scared,” he urged his boy.

Some Critics Condemn the Exhibit

Rush Limbaugh seen on display here in San Diego last week.
Rush Limbaugh seen on display here in San Diego last week.

The exhibit has not been without its critics. Commentators outside Rocklin have condemned the glorification of a figure known for bigotry and misogyny.

“This is a metaphor for our current political discourse,” the New York Times noted regarding the exhibit. “Limbaugh’s divisive legacy continues, even posthumously.”

Rocklin’s residents use social media to express their enthusiasm as the event unfolds.

“Rush Limbaugh was a true American icon,” Anne Hatworth posted on her Facebook page. “Seeing him here feels like he’s still guiding us. Honoring a man who spoke freely is the essence of freedom, isn’t it?”

Curator Daphne Newport emphasizes the family-oriented nature of the exhibit.

“This isn’t just about reflection. It’s interactive, encouraging families to connect with history personally,” she says, referring to the diverse reactions the exhibit has elicited. “Our goal is to celebrate Limbaugh’s legacy and stimulate conversation and thought, showcasing the complex range of emotions and opinions he evokes.”