Area Woman Excited About Receiving 6″-10″ This Week

    She's looking forward to it coming.

    ANTIFA Spotted Guarding Gavin Newsom’s Winery

    ANTIFA activists were spotted just outside of California Governor Gavin Newsom's PlumpJack Winery.

    Nevada City Blogger Concerned About His ISIS Neighbors

    Local conservative blogger and retired Col Jack Ripper is concerned about his ISIS neighbors. Sues For Unspecified Damages

    After several cease and desist attempts, the local publication felt it had no other recourse but to sue.

    Researchers: Hitler’s Grave Found Outside of Sierra City, CA

    After recent revelations that Hitler may have not committed suicide inside his Berlin bunker in April of 1945, a crack team of anthropologists and archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist Universities set out to find Hitler's grave.

    Former Mayor Must Attend Council Meetings in a Straitjacket

    In a majority vote, the City Council of Nevada City voted to restrain the former mayor.

    California Mayor Tops “Most Profitable” List By Mortuary Today Magazine

    A small Northern California Mayor is helping the death industry make record profits.

    Mayor: 5G Will Interfere With Terrazzo Lighting

    "You think the PG&E outages were a coincidence?"

    Nevada City Mayor Declares Herself Chancellor

    The new Nevada City Chancellor hopes to escape upcoming sanctions and possible removal from office.

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