Nevada City, CA — An area conservative blogger is growing increasingly concerned about his ISIS neighbors living next to his Banner Mountain home. Retired Colonel Jack Ripper has blogged about illegal immigration, the scourge of marijuana, and, of course, the threat to America posed by “our Muslim President” and the pending invasion of ISIS combatants in Nevada County.

“They’re already here,” ranted Col Ripper on his blog today. “And Hillary is going to take our guns. This isn’t some crazy blogger saying this. This is her own words. And now that I have these Muslims living next door, I need my guns more than ever.”

The Beacon investigated Col Ripper’s claim that ISIS was living next door to his Idaho Maryland Road home and found a 3rd generation Mexican-American family of two living there. George and Egda Rivas and their two children recently moved to Nevada City from Walnut Creek, CA. Ms. Rivas landed a job with the county public works, and Mr. Rivas is a work-from-home father who is a computer consultant for the large IT firm Computer Associates.

His ISIS Neighbor Speaks Out

“We’ve waved several times at Jack, but he just glares at us,” said a confused Ms. Rivas in a Beacon telephone interview. “We just figured he was a grouchy old man. But that’s fine because everyone else has been amicable.”

When asked if the Rivas family had any connections to ISIS or other Islamic terrorist organizations, Ms. Rivas seemed confused.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” continued Ms. Rivas. “We’re Methodists, although George’s folks are Catholic, which didn’t go so well when we were dating. It’s all fine now.”

When told that his neighbors were American citizens of Mexican descent, Col. Ripper changed the subject.

“Well, then they’re growing dope,” continued an increasingly agitated Col. Ripper. “And that’s the last thing Nevada County needs. More Mexican drugs and rape. I better hope Trump gets elected. But, for now, I got my guns, and that’s all I will say about that.”