Grass Valley, CA — For the third straight night, seniors at the Eskaton Village in Grass Valley, CA, debated the ethnicity of a KCRA TV News Reporter during the evening news broadcast in their community entertainment center.

“I think she’s Vietnamese,” commented 79-year-oldĀ retired lawn-care professional Stephen Donnelly pointing at the television. “Yes. She’s Vietnamese. I know it. There are a lot of Vietnamese in Sacramento.”

“She’s not Vietnamese,” proclaimed a crotchety Reynaldo M. Rodriguez, 82, shaking his head. “Look at her. She is Thai. I’ve been to Thailand on leave. And she’s definitively Thai.”

A Familiar Pattern

For the past three nights, both men have engaged in the same argument about KCRA reporter Sharokina Shams who has no Southeast or Eastern Asian ethnicity but has roots from the Middle East. According to acquaintances, a graduate of the California State University of Stanislaus, the accomplished and esteemed reporter is considered a “valuable asset to every newsroom graced with her presence.” In addition, she is fluent in both the Assyrian and Farsi languages.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Rey,” continued an agitated Mr. Donally directing his comment at Mr. Rodriquez. “I’ve been around the world too. And I know a Vietnamese woman when I see one.”

The Staff Has To Intervene Regularly

According to witnesses, this ended the argument as orderlies turned off the news broadcast. Generally, the men are great friends, but occasionally they get into arguments. For example, before this Sharokina Shams incident, the men argued whether pancakes or waffles were a more suitable breakfast dish and why Mr. Rodriguez’s son-in-law James was such an asshole.

However, in about of defiance, Mr. Rodriguez had the last word.

“That’s it. I’ve had enough of this,” announced Mr. Rodriguez to an empty room. “I’m going to get in my car and drive down to that new AM/PM for ice cream. Who wants one?”

According to family members, Mr. Rodriguez cannot drive a car, but he loves ice cream.