Recent Transplants Think New Vanity License Plate Will Help Them ‘Fit In’

    Charlie and Barbara Winkler, recent Nevada County transplants from Simi Valley, hope that their new vanity license plate will make them feel like locals.

    Area Woman Excited About Receiving 6″-10″ This Week

    She's looking forward to it coming.

    Lake Wildwood Struggling to Enforce Christmas Light Ban

    The notoriously restrictive Penn Valley gated community is having trouble with Christmas light violators.

    Nevada City Residents Trying To Locate Mysterious Source of Muslim Call For Prayer

    Area officials claim they can't locate the noise, which has been repeatedly reported by as many as 10 people.

    Friar Tucks Shuttered in Latest Blow to Donald Trump

    The topsy-turvy Sierra Nevada foothills town hasn't seen this much controversy since Cirino's on Broad Street blamed Communists and Obamacare for its failed business over a decade ago.

    Smug Area Centaur Having Trouble ‘Fitting In’

    According to many locals, area centaur Royce C. Bradley's social anxiety concerns might be "just in his head."

    COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction Rates Skyrocket In Nevada County

    Nevada County super-spreader events have featured "intimacy activities" designed to increase "natural" herd immunity.

    Is Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen U2’s The Edge?

    What started out as an outrageous rumor on, has turned into a full-blown conspiracy theory for Sacramento-based comedian Keith Lowell Jensen.

    Grass Valley Post Office Replaces Missing Trees with Weed

    The Grass Valley Post office has replaced downed trees with the County's #1 cash crop.

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