Harm the Homeless Facebook Group Urges Members Not to Actually Harm the Homeless

    A local anti-homeless Facebook group doesn't seem to get it.

    CalTech Scientist: We Exist in North San Juan Man’s Dream

    Caltech Astrophysicist Dr. Tral Aldrich believes we exist in a North San Juan, CA man’s dream.

    Saxophone-Playing Dad Who Serenades Area Goats, Largely Ignored

    A Nevada City man was unsuccessful in his attempts to charm area goats.

    Local Woman Doesn’t See Why She Should Shower Before Getting in the Pool Because “No One Else Does”

    Area Woman Christine Wayfair is now in hot water with the Police following her protest at a local pool.

    Critical Race Theory Found Hanging Outside of School Board Meeting

    "There would not be a nationwide backlash against Critical Race Theory if this were not occurring and being explicitly taught in our schools," said John Miera, a local batshit-crazy racist.

    North San Juan Man Just Wants to be Left the Hell Alone

    North San Juan resident, poet, painter, and occasional "alternative" farmer Bob "Red" Folstein just wants you to stop asking him questions.

    Bill Cosby’s Double-Headed Doppelganger Dumbfounds Grass Valley Dwellers

    Hey, hey, hey! Grass Valley, CA, is a-buzz with curiosity as a peculiar Bill Cosby statue has taken up residence in the local children's playground at Condon Park. This life-sized granite creation features not one, but two of ol' Cosby's heads, squished together, keepin' an eye on the swingin' youngsters.

    Area Man Recounts His Long Relationship with Secret Psychedelic Casino Chimp

    An long-time area man took time out of his busy day to describe his decades-long realtionship with his Psychedelic Secret Casino Chimp.

    Portola’s Furry Love Affair: Bigfoot, Bob, and the Guru Next Door

    In Portola, CA, an unusual love story unfolds between a local man, Bob, and Bigfoot, amidst the backdrop of Guru O'shnish's mystical cult. This heartwarming tale showcases the power of love and unity in a community facing unique challenges.

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