BriarPatch Employees Enjoy Shopping at Grocery Outlet

    Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Grass Valley, CA where most BriarPatch Co-op employees can afford to shop.

    Grass Valley Approves Human Waste Composting in Nevada City

    In a landmark decision, Grass Valley has voted to allow its human waste to be used by neighboring Nevada City.

    Saudis Purchase Del Oro Theater/Redesign Tower into Islamic Minaret

    A new Islamic minaret to replace the old and iconic Del Oro Tower in Grass Valley, CA.

    ISIS Targets Area Man’s 1989 Buick LeSabre

    An area conservative blogger is growing increasingly concerned about a possible plot by ISIS terrorists to attack his 1989 Buick LeSabre. Retired Colonel Jack Ripper as been spending the past two years planning for what he calls "a massive 'moooslem' attack on his Idaho Maryland Road home.

    Study: Nevada City Children All Above Average

    According to the Children's Excellence Center, they were conducting a study to encourage local youth to "reach for the stars" and had no interest in libeling nearby Grass Valley.

    Substitute Teacher Fired for Showing Blazing Saddles to a 10th Grade Algebra Class

    Local substitute teacher heroically battles the tyranny of algebra by screening 'Blazing Saddles' to bewildered teens, gets axed, and becomes a martyr in the war against wokeness. Plans to mathematically calculate the erosion of free speech in upcoming book: 'Algebra of Oppression.'

    Burglar Steals Bookstore Bookshelves, Leaves Books

    Area area burglar stole two bookshelves from a local bookstore, but left the books.

    Rep. Doug LaMalfa Seeks Food Stamps

    Congressman Doug LaMalfa seen here enjoying is SNAP-purchased turkey hot dog.

    Elks Lodge to Host Roundabout Support Group

    The Grass Valley Elk's Lodge held a contentious "support group" to discuss the menacing East Main Street Roundabout.

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