Nevada City, CA — The Chemtrail Action Network (CAN) announced the first-ever traveling Chemtrail Film Festival coming to Nevada City, CA, this August. The film festival will be making its first stop in the secluded Sierra Nevada Foothills town for a 4 day run starting on the 14th of August and running until the 18th. The festival will then travel to Sedona, AZ for a 1 night, abbreviated showing, and then onto several other, what organizers call, “receptive venues.”

“Mounting evidence suggests that the millions-of-tons of aluminum and barium particulates purportedly used in geoengineering programs explains the dramatically-increasing aluminum and barium levels in sampled water and soil tests,” said CAN Executive Director Kathy Panansky from her Nevada City, CA headquarters. “The Chemtrail Film Festival is part of our information outreach. This is the first step on a long road to wake up the world to the growing dangers of geoengineering.”

The festival will feature documentaries and dramas produced by chemtrail activists. With a focus on “waking up the sheeple,” each film will contain narratives from concerned citizens who “looked up.” Organizers expect a huge turnout and are working with local innkeepers to make sure festival participants have proper lodging.

The festival will also feature several informational booths covering various “alternative” topics, including vinegar spraying. The event will be “MC’d” by Chemtrail Paleo Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson.

Here is a partial list of films that will be featured at the Film Festival.

  • The Sky is Falling: Lessons in Coal Ash Poisoning
  • Trail of Aerosolized Tears
  • Another Day of Spray
  • The Beautiful Disaster of Dead Treeland
  • Take Back Our Sky, narrated by Snooki
  • 9/11 Chemtrails: How Elite Forces are Killing Us
  • Choke Hold: Bill Gates and the Control of Our Skies
  • Chemtrails: A Pet’s Perspective
  • Diary of a Coal Ash Survivor
  • I Was a Chemtrail Shill: Lessons of an Industry Insider
  • The Chemtrail Colon Cancer Connection
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Silver Linings
  • Sky Faults

On a related note, Silicon Valley venture capitalist, documentary producer, and entrepreneur Pandu “Seddy” Narayanan, a chemtrail activist, said that he plans to invest as much as $250,000 to study the effects of Chemtrail spraying. To accomplish this, Mr. Narayanan will partner with several long-haul carriers to measure and analyze their fleet’s chemtrail output.

“It is really quite simple, you see,” said a fast-speaking Mr. Narayanan, “we have to measure the output of the engines of suspected aircraft. I know some will say, ‘Seddy, how are you going to find actual aircraft that is spraying? They’re not going to admit it.’ Well, of course, I already thought of that. I think of everything because I’m Seddy. Using my mobile application, my fellow activists will alert what I’m calling my ‘Naranet’ via GPS on the location of suspected chemtrail activity. We will use this to identify the aircraft and scramble one of my private jets to measure the spraying activity.”

Here is the schedule for the traveling festival. Note all tickets are available at the time of publishing.

  • Nevada City, CA August 14th-18th,    tickets here
  • Davis, CA August 19th-20th,    tickets here
  • Sedona, AZ August 22ndticketing pending
  • Taos, NM  August 29th-30th    ticketing pending
  • Telluride, CO September 5th    ticketing pending
  • Olympia, WA September 19th-20th    ticketing pending
  • Eugene, OR October 8th-9th    ticketing pending