Omaha, NE — The Iniquitous Bank of Omaha, a regional financial institution in Nebraska, has decided to take a bold stance in the ongoing debate over the role of “woke” banks in the United States. Despite the term originating in the African-American community and typically being used as a slur by conservatives and libertarians, the bank has embraced the label and somehow managed to completely miss the point.

In a move as ironic as it is cruel, the Iniquitous Bank of Omaha has introduced a new series of mortgage plans that explicitly continue to discriminate against African-American neighborhoods. These plans, dubbed “The Woke Mortgage Initiative,” blatantly defy the spirit of the word “woke” while completely disregarding the well-being of the communities they claim to serve.

In a press conference held on Friday, the bank’s CEO, Richard D. Capital, lauded the institution’s efforts to maintain the status quo in the face of mounting criticism from progressives.

“We’re proud to say that we’re the wokest bank around,” Capital stated, seemingly unaware of the hypocrisy of his words. “We’re dedicated to upholding the best traditions of the gentle and fair-minded capitalist class.”

The bank’s questionable interpretation of the term “woke” has left many African-American communities feeling outraged and betrayed. As a Harlem resident, where the term originated, said in response to the news, “Using ‘woke’ to justify discrimination is like using a peace sign to start a war. It’s not just offensive. It’s a disgrace.”

The Iniquitous Bank of Omaha’s brazen redlining has unsurprisingly drawn the ire of progressive politicians and activists. However, the situation has further deepened the polarization between conservatives and progressives. With an election year in full swing, conservatives are capitalizing on the “woke” issue as a wedge to attract white suburban and working-class voters.

Lacking actionable policies in their pipeline, conservatives rely on strawman rhetoric like ‘wokeism’ to irrationally and emotionally rouse their base voters. Conversely, progressives condemn the bank’s discriminatory actions, exposing the dissonance in the conservatives’ approach. Despite their mutual disdain for the bank’s mortgage plans, the divisive issue widens the chasm between the two sides.

“It’s certainly a unique approach,” commented Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. “While I often express concerns about the overreach of so-called ‘woke’ banks, it’s important to recognize the liberty of businesses to operate within the scope of the law, even if their practices might be seen as controversial. I’m glad to see an institution taking a stand against the pervasive influence of wokeism, though we must remain vigilant in preserving fairness and opportunity for all Americans.”

One thing is evident as the controversy surrounding the Iniquitous Bank of Omaha’s “Woke Mortgage Initiative” unfolds. This regional financial institution has managed to spectacularly miss the point of “woke” culture and, in doing so, has exposed the brutal nature of the capitalist machine it represents.