Lincoln, CA — In a flamboyant flurry that left even the most stoic poker faces in disbelief, former President Donald Trump announced his latest venture into the casino business – this time, with a twist that’s as peculiar as a flush in a game of Go Fish.

Temporarily taking on the made-up, Native American-sounding name of ‘Donoma J. Trompe’ and donning what many believe to be a fictitious appropriation of a traditional headdress, the former President made a campaign stop north of Sacramento, CA, to make a pitch for his latest business venture: an “Indian Gaming Casino.”

“I have great respect for Native Americans, tremendous respect, the best respect,” Trump declared, donning a headdress that was as authentic as a $3 bill. “And I’ve always felt a deep, profound connection. So deep, it’s like, you wouldn’t believe it. That’s why I’m announcing the Trump Tribal Treasure Casino right here in Lincoln.”

Critics were quick to point out that Trump’s newfound ‘tribal ties’ seemed as conveniently stitched together as the patchwork suits of his bankrupt casinos from the ’80s and ’90s. The announcement, rife with Trump’s trademark bravado, left historians, Native American leaders, and fact-checkers alike scrambling for their textbooks, ancestry records, and lie detectors.

“Trump’s attempts to weave himself into Native American heritage are about as subtle as a slot machine in a monastery,” commented Darny Littledawn, a local Native American activist. “Our culture is not a costume or a business strategy, and it’s certainly not up for grabs by those with a track record of, let’s say, less-than-sacred dealings.”

While Trump’s previous casino conquests have seen everything from towering Taj Mahals to dicey bankruptcies, this latest gamble has raised the stakes and eyebrows alike. The former President was seen consulting a ‘spirit guide,’ who suspiciously resembled a former casino executive with a penchant for smoke and mirrors.

As the sun sets behind the Sierra Nevada to the east, the nation skeptically eyes the latest spectacle: the Trump Tribal Treasure Casino. Wallets clench nationwide as if Trump’s newest glittering gamble could vacuum out the cash through sheer force of audacity.

Will this be Trump’s jackpot or just another bankrupt blunder? Is this a masterstroke of business or just a mirage in the desert of corporate greed? Skeptics bet on the latter, watching the roulette of Trump’s ambitions spin. Time will tell if it’s a win for the wealthy or another loss chalked up to folly. But let’s not hold our breath—unless it’s to avoid the stench of exploitation.