Grass Valley, CA — The folks in Grass Valley, CA, were left bamboozled this week when a new statue of yours truly, Bill Cosby, popped up in the kiddie playground at Condon Park. Can you believe it? This life-sized granite masterpiece showcases not one, but two of my heads, squished together in an odd granite slab, watchin’ the kids swing back and forth.

Now, the townspeople were a bit puzzled by this peculiar representation of ol’ Cosby, and some thought it might be a way to poke fun at the numerous, uh, less-than-flattering allegations that have followed me around in recent years.

“I don’t get what the statue’s about,” said local Mary Thompson, scratchin’ her head. “Is it meant to be funny? Poignant? And why on earth is it in a children’s playground? I just don’t know.”

Others didn’t mince words about their disapproval.

“It’s just tasteless,” griped local business owner Jack Davis. “I don’t see how this is supposed to honor anyone, especially someone like Bill Cosby. And what kind of message are we sendin’ by puttin’ it where the kiddos play?”

But hold on, now! The artist behind this work of art, an incognito sarcastic redfish from around these parts, says it was meant to be a postmodern twist on your standard statue.

“I wanted to challenge people’s expectations and make ’em think about what it means to honor someone in a public space,” the redfish said, swimmin’ in a sea of irony. “I hope this statue gets people to think about the tangled web of fame and celebrity in our world.”

As for the good people of Grass Valley are still decidin’ if this postmodern Cosby statue is the work of a mad genius or just plain bonkers. Time will tell how this curious addition to their public art collection will be received by the little tykes playin’ at Condon Park.