Nevada County, CA — In what began as an unintentional delivery of 3000 copies of Via Magazine to Wayne Brown Correctional Facility has turned into a big win for their public image. This issue of AAA’s Via included a prepaid postcard to determine the readers pick of best winter resort. Gish Gallop gained exclusive access to the comments for the winner, Wayne Brown.

“Wayne Brown really understand how to take care of my needs,” stated C.W.

“I just let my warrants pile up and turn myself in before winter. Life is tough up on Cruzon Grade and even when I do score a fresh roadkill deer you gotta string ’em up for a week before they get tender. Ain’t nobody got time for that,” was the comment for H.W.

“If you don’t look them in the eye, the guards can be real accommodating,” from D.D.

“Wayne Brown keeps me warm through the coldest winters,” was the response from B.J.

Who Voted?

It appears that inmates may have voted numerous times since nearly 2900 votes were received for Wayne Brown. The American Automobile Association which publishes Via Magazine has no intention of performing a recount.

“The spring issue with the winning result has already gone to print and will soon be distributed in eight western states,” an anonymous source at AAA told us.

Wayne Brown Correctional Facility was dedicated on December 17, 1991 and can house up to 283 inmates. As spring flowers open up their petals so do the doors of this county jail to newly released inmates. We performed a quick exit survey and the mood was overwhelming supportive.

“I got a GoFundMe set up and my fans hook me up with the kind commissary. I love me some Doritos and Ramen,” a well-known Molly dealer told us as he enjoyed the sunshine of freedom.

It is yet to be seen if other county jails will take this a signal to step up their inmate service levels.