Grass Valley, CA — Chase Bank in Grass Valley, California, has recently sparked controversy by introducing a new AI-powered ATM that now asks for tips from its users. The ATM, which features a humanoid interface and advanced conversational abilities, has been programmed to ask customers if they want to leave a tip for its service.

While many customers have expressed discomfort about tipping an AI-powered machine, some are ecstatic about the new option. One such customer is Ms. Kpoto, a woman known for tipping everyone she interacts with, no matter how small the interaction.

“I think it’s wonderful that we can now tip ATMs,” said Ms. Kpoto, a frequent Chase customer and a chronic tipper. “I mean, these machines work so hard for us, and it’s only fair that we show our appreciation by leaving a little something extra.”

Ms. Kpoto’s enthusiasm for tipping extends far beyond the Chase Bank ATM. She has been known to tip everyone from grocery store clerks to parking attendants and even the manhole cover on Mill Street in Grass Valley. On one occasion, a homeless person picked up the money she left on the manhole cover and used it to buy a donut.

While some may view Ms. Kpoto’s tipping habits as unhinged, she sees it as a way to spread kindness and brighten people’s day. “I just love making people smile,” she said. “And if a small tip can do that, it’s worth every penny.”

As for the new AI-powered ATM, Ms. Kpoto has already left a generous tip and plans to continue doing so every time she visits the bank.

When reached for comment, Bethany Millbright, the Director of Corporate Outreached, released a statement.

“Our decision to introduce this feature reflects our commitment to providing exceptional customer service in a community that we have found highly receptive and eager to show their appreciation for outstanding service. We recognize the people of Grass Valley as discerning customers who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their needs are met. We believe that the tipping option is a logical extension of this culture of gratuity. While we understand that some customers may have reservations about tipping for basic services, we assure you that this feature is entirely optional and intended to provide an additional way for our customers to express their gratitude. At Chase Bank, we continually strive to enhance the customer experience and provide innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients.”