Grass Valley, CA — Self-proclaimed influencer and part-time essential oil enthusiast Becky “BeckStar” Johnson has discovered the true reason behind her stagnating follower count: a grand conspiracy orchestrated by tech moguls Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

“I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into my content,” said BeckStar, gesturing towards her Instagram feed filled with blurry photos of homemade avocado toast and videos of her cat, Whiskers, doing absolutely nothing. “But it’s obvious that Big Tech is threatened by my potential to revolutionize the influencer game.”

BeckStar, who boasts a whopping 235 followers on Instagram and an even more modest 98 subscribers on YouTube, firmly believes that her lack of viral fame is not due to her repetitive and uninspired content but rather a deliberate attempt by Silicon Valley elites to keep her “truth bombs” from reaching the masses.

“Every time I post a new video about the healing properties of rose quartz or my latest essential oil blend, my reach plummets,” BeckStar explained as she displayed her analytics page showing a consistent pattern of single-digit engagement. “It’s not a coincidence. Zuckerberg and Musk are obviously in cahoots to silence me.”

BeckStar’s theories are as numerous as they are intricate. She insists that her low engagement is due to a shadowy algorithmic plot that favors “mainstream influencers” over genuine grassroots content creators like herself. She also suspects that her frequent rants about the dangers of 5G and fluoride in tap water have landed her on a secret blacklist.

“These billionaires are scared of what I have to say,” BeckStar said, adjusting her tinfoil hat. “They know that if people started using essential oils instead of pharmaceuticals, their stock prices would plummet. It’s all about money and control.”

Despite these alleged obstacles, BeckStar remains undeterred. She recently launched a new series on her YouTube channel, “BeckStar Unfiltered,” in which she promises to expose the truth behind her declining engagement and provide her audience with the real reason behind every mundane aspect of her daily life.

Beckstar recently produced an AI-assisted video that might explain her lack of social media reach:

In her first episode, “Why My Avocado Toast Only Gets 10 Likes,” BeckStar explored the sinister plot against her culinary masterpieces. She also hints at a future video of why her morning yoga routine fails to attract more than a handful of viewers, suggesting that the NSA might be involved.

Residents have mixed reactions to BeckStar’s claims. “I think she just needs to, you know, take a better picture,” said Hannah, a fellow Grass Valley resident and part-time barista. “Maybe use a filter or something.”

Meanwhile, BeckStar continues her quest for social media stardom, undeterred by her critics. “They can try to silence me, but they can’t stop the truth,” she declared before signing off with her signature hashtag, #BeckStarRising.

Only time will tell if BeckStar’s theories hold any water or if perhaps, just maybe, she might need to consider that her content isn’t as revolutionary as she believes. But one thing is sure: in the world of BeckStar, it’s always everyone else’s fault.