San Diego, CA — Former managing editor Brooke Binkowski is back in the news. As many local Nevada County residents will remember, Ms. Binkowski  visited Nevada County to speak at last year’s event sponsored by the League of Women Voters. The event, which was called “Fake News: How to Deal with Your Right Wing Relatives Who Think They Can Blog,” was a tremendous success raising over $500,000 for victims of chemtrail-caused autism.

A spokeswoman for the League told the Beacon that the event’s success was largely due to Binkowski’s sprite personality and her unusual understanding about the Kennedy assassination, a popular topic in Nevada County.

In 2018, Ms. Binkowski was abruptly fired from her position for an unspecified reason. Various conspiracies circulated through the Internet, with some speculating that “she knew too much” and according to more than one right-wing conspiracy group, “she was too close to [George] Soros.”

While Snopes has had some major setbacks in the past, such as divorces, and screwing up facts, they have likely never performed a blunder as damaging to the company as their recent firing of Ms. Binkowski as CEO, CFO and receptionist of Snopes Intl. Ltd.

Since her sacking earlier this year, ‘Bink,’ as she’s known by her closest friends, is famous for running the wildly successful venture earning over $10 million in August 2018 alone. However the enterprise abruptly went south in September largely due to factors outside of her control including President Trump’s new border wall and tariffs on Chinese-made goods. After Fleshcat stock tanked on the NASDAQ in early September, current Snopes CEO David Mikkelson changed his mind and rehired the estranged Binkowski because in his words “she is the perfect chick for the job.”

Ms. Binkowski immediately fired the entire staff including Mikkelson.

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” said the emboldened Binkowski. “And we’re gonna get to the bottom of things right now.”

[Editor’s note: At this point, the talented Ms. Binkowski started speaking in fluent Spanish. Suffice to say, many of Broad Street Beacon’s readers barely speak English, so we’ll spare you the details. But in a nutshell, she said she was glad to be back.]

According to several fact-checker blogs, one of her first tasks at the helm of Snopes will be to cancel the wildly unsuccessful “How To Deal With Your Racist Uncle’s Forwarded Emails” which many regarded as satire, but was started after Ms. Binkowski left and became the topic of ridicule on popular conspiracy Internet discussion boards such as 4chan, 8chan and, the latter is believed to be a front for several alt-right and Jordan Peterson fan clubs.

Ms. Binkowski did not return our requests for comment.