Nevada City, CA — Jacob Mares, a 34-year-old dad of two, and amateur saxophonist, decides to put his skills to use. He’s seen those charming videos of musicians serenading farm animals, and he thinks, “Why not give it a shot?”

So, off he goes to play for some goats munching away on fire-prone brush. But instead of a magical moment, he gets a bunch of unimpressed goats, annoyed neighbors, and even a visit from the sheriff.

“I kept seeing these Internet videos where animals respond to music, so I figured I’d try it,” said Mr. Mares, sounding a bit miffed. “But this crazy lady started yelling at me and threatened to call the cops. What’s the big deal? I was just playing the sax.”

As for the neighbors, April Woods wasn’t thrilled when her dogs went berserk, disturbed by the “horrible music.” So, she called the sheriff, as one does in such emergencies.

When Deputy Reese Donalds showed up, he found Mr. Mares belting out some Kenny G tunes. The deputy politely informed him about the complaints and asked him to stop, which Mares did after a brief discussion.

“I thought I could help out,” Mares sighed. “You know, make the goats happy. I was hoping they’d come up to me and do some goat dance or something. But they just ignored me. So I might come back later with my accordion. I bet they’ll dig that.”

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