Washington D.C. — United States House of Representative  Doug LaMalfa (R) represents California’s 1st Congressional District. He sits on the Natural Resource Committee as well as the Agriculture Committee.

LaMalfa has made some controversial votes during his tenure as a US Representative, which included voting  Yes on the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, which gave subsidies to rice farms [he owns a rice farm], at the same time cutting SNAP [Food Stamps] benefits to the nation’s poor.  He also voted yes on the Iranian Sanctions Relief. Which will send billions of American dollars to Iran and lift all economic sanctions put in place to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons.

LaMalfa appeared at a ‘meet and great’ fund raiser yesterday in Washington D.C., and as he was talking a young 6-year-old boy interrupted him. Ian Wilson from Baltimore, MD proceeded to scold LaMalfa on his voting record.

“I know that I’m only six but wouldn’t it make sense to just keep the money we are sending Iran, and feed the hungry here?” Ian said, recalling his question to Representative LaMalfa. “I mean my Dad told me Republicans liked a free market. But I told him he voted for himself. That’s like riding someone else’s bike and charging them for it. And that’s not right.”

According to sources at the fund-raiser, Rep. LaMalfa was left speechless and red-faced after the exchange. He made an excuse and ended the event early.