Penn Valley, CA — In retaliation to the “Me Too” posts on Facebook, Penn Valley local Trent Turco has created the #allgenitalsmatter movement.

“I had a really butch girl call me sugar tits once, doesn’t that count?” Said Mr. Turco on a local Facebook Group.  “I’m not saying it’s not serious, look at the coke advertising, some muscular gardener with a load of women leering over him. Guys are exploited, objectified and harassed by women too. White men are already so marginalized by those Femi-Nazis that are trying to make us disappear. All damn man haters, all of them,” he continued. “It shouldn’t happen to anyone of any gender no matter what level, abuse and harassment is the same no matter what.”

When pointed out that the disproportionate numbers that women are raped or attacked, Mr. Turco, who is a self-proclaimed leader of Nevada County’s first Men Going Their Own Way  or MGTOW support group called Men First!, bristled.

“So because I’m of the opinion that in the age we live in I think no one should be abused I’m the bad guy? Maybe if women weren’t hanging out with these pussy beta liberals, they wouldn’t get raped to begin with,” continued Mr. Turco in an act of Facebook bravado.  “Why would they be walking around late at night anyway? I’m putting out a call to all my Alpha brethren, we’re tired of hearing about ‘rape’ this, and ‘sexual harassment that. It totally kills the increasingly rare erections I can manage at this point.”

Men Going Their Own Way or MGTOW is a mostly pseudonymous online community supported by websites and social media which cautions men against romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. The community is part of what is more broadly termed the “mano-sphere” and is largely populated by misogynist, lonely man-boys with severe insecurities.

“Hollywood liberal types have done the vast majority of rape and it was being kept hidden,” continued Mr. Turco. Us “Alpha Male conservative decries rape culture by our mere existence. Those rapey ‘libs are intimidated by my very presence, you know. I’m sure if women would get on board and interact with us conservatives more, less rape would happen and then we wouldn’t have to put up with this ‘Me Too- waaa-waaa crying bullshit.”

During a rather heated exchange with a more moderate and less batshit crazy member of the Facebook group, who pointed out that he was way off base and completely missed the point of the #metoo movement, Mr. Turco switched to a time-tested tactic of “blame the victim” to cover his tracks.

“Most of the women who cry rape are lying anyway, they just make poor decisions and regret it later by trying to ruin a man’s life. Like that poor Brock Turner kid, if that girl hadn’t gotten so drunk, it would have never happened. She almost wrecked that poor boys life. At least the judge had the sense to see that, but he’s stigmatized for life now, poor boy. All because she couldn’t handle her liquor. Women need to take responsibility for their choices.”

“Just like the #blacklivesmatter movement, total disregard for all lives. All genitals matter, all rape and harassment matters, enough with the alienation of we white males,” exclaimed Mr. Turco implying that his quasi-inclusive argument was somehow gaining the rhetorical upper hand.

“Alpha men are tired of hearing about ‘rape’ this and ‘sexual harassment’ that. We want to be included too, we want a big voice in this conversation, and we will have it. Our penises have opinions that must be acknowledged! The world needs to know that #allgenitalsmatter. We, as the men of the world matter and we won’t be silenced anymore. We are victims just like everyone else.”