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    Local Woman Doesn’t See Why She Should Shower Before Getting in the Pool Because “No One Else Does”

    Area Woman Christine Wayfair is now in hot water with the Police following her protest at a local pool.

    Area Conspiracy Theorist Enjoys Scaring People: “It’s a Sport”

    Sairhra Ramun of Nevada City says scaring people without evidence is part of waking up "the sheeple."

    Briar Patch’s Payphone is a Brilliant Marketing Decision: Here’s Why

    So you're one of those people who still look for a public payphone. Well good for you. But wait, there's more. As a local, you may not be aware that the Briar Patch COOP has a public payphone. And here's why it's a great marketing move.

    Local Researcher Claims Mars Curiosity Rover’s Photos are Fake

    An area conspiracy researcher has discovered that several Mars Rover photographs are fake.

    Area Goodwill Donation Centers Preparing for “Nike Flood”

    As local conservatives engulf their Nike clothing in fire for no apparent reason, area Goodwill donation centers say they are being flooded with the apparel giant's clothing.

    US Navy Hospital Arrives at Scotts Flat Lake 2 years Too Late

    Not everyone is convinced that the arrival of the USNS Comfort is a good idea.

    Grass Valley Police Informed of Caffeinated German Tourists

    The City of Grass Valley is on high alert after a tip that hopped-up Germans might be coming to town.

    Local Weather Balloon Experiment Proves Earth is Taco-shaped.

    A group of researchers from the remote Sierra Nevada Foothills community of North San Juan launched a P54-a3 high-altitude weather balloon late last week and discovered that the earth is curved like a taco.

    Pershing County Officials: 97% Chance of Contracting Herpes at Burning Man

    The Pershing County Sheriff hopes to scare "burners" away.

    Grass Valley Approves 5G Tower at Roundabout

    The controversial 5G tower is set for launch sometime this spring.

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