According to developers working on the project, Grass Valley, CA — A new “mega-mosque” is slated to open adjacent to the Twin Cities Church sometime next year. The inspiration for the new house of worship stems from the influx of Middle Eastern refugees scheduled to start arriving from Syria, Iraq, and even Iran next summer.

The project, which is being called “Twin Cities Mosque,” is being underwritten by a group of largely anonymous Muslim investors from Yuba City and will be California’s largest “Mega Mosque” outside the urban areas. It’s unclear why Nevada County was chosen for this project, given the area has few practicing Muslims, but sponsors of the project say it’s about the big picture.

“You have to understand that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States,” said mosque angel investor Raafi Meer from his Yuba City, CA Home. “Not to mention the millions of refugees that will soon be here. So we needed a location that had the greatest growth potential. And Nevada County was the perfect fit.”

The new mosque will be situated next to the Twin Cities Christian Church on the Rough and Ready Highway outside the Grass Valley city limits. The entire site will be renamed the Twin Cities Religious Center after two Abrahamic religions will now occupy the site. There are no plans at this time to build a Jewish Synagogue at the location.

Reaction from the community was predictable.

“There is no way I’m gonna allow this thing to be built next to our church,” said community and Tea Party activist Brock Whalen from his Lake Wildwood home. “We’re in a crisis right now. And we’re going to invite Muslims up Highway 20 and give them a home where they can plan their terrorist attacks? I think not.”

Other locals had more moderate opinions about the controversial mosque.

“I dunno. I don’t have anything against it,” said Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge, “but it doesn’t seem the right place for such a structure. I mean, right next to the church… overlooking it? It seems a bit aggressive to me, you know?”

According to Nomad Inception, an architectural firm specializing in Islamic designs, the Twin Cities Mosque will be the first such structure on the west coast of the United States to feature air conditioning. There are also plans to construct the nation’s largest prayer hall as well as a planned tunnel connecting the mosque to Twin Cities Church for “joint worship sessions.”\

When asked about whether constructing a mosque next to an existing Christian church was appropriate, Raafi Meer bristled at the probing question.

“Look, you have to understand that Islam is growing,” continued Mr. Meer, furrowing his eyebrows. “Christians and others are going to have to get used to seeing more Muslims in their daily lives. Also, having the Mosque near a church will allow Christians the opportunity to experience the joys of Islam. There is nothing to worry about.”