Riceland, CA — On the heels of cutting food assistance support to over 700,000 Americans, including some 106,000 in his district, California 1st District Representative Doug LaMalfa (R) has announced he will seek a 5th congressional term. Mr. LaMalfa, who ironically sits on both the Agriculture and Natural Resources committees, has voted to end Federal food assistance, known as SNAP, despite his rice business receiving millions of federal subsidies.

LaMalfa, a vocal supporter of President Trump and a self-proclaimed fiscal and moral conservative, has voted to increase spending dramatically in the past two years, especially for the military, raising the federal deficit over one trillion dollars.

To combat this budgetary inflation, the rice farmer and member of the congressional USDA committees voted to harm some hundreds of thousands of hungry Americans with a measly 2.5 billion dollar cut to SNAP benefits.

“I guess LaMalfa is more interested in bombing brown people and putting them in concentration camps at the border,” said Chico liberal activist and founder of We the People, an advocacy group for the underprivileged. “They’ve added hundreds of billions [of dollars] to the military over the past few years, and they have the gall to cut 2.5 billion from the SNAP budget? You tell me what’s evil now.”

Mr. LaMalfa was the recipient of the largest amount of money from agricultural subsidies (over $1.7 million) in the history of congress over the past two decades.

For his part, when reached for comment, Mr. LaMalfa did not apologize for his votes but aggressively double-down on various false and misleading tropes about both the government and the working poor.

“Look, Reagan was my teacher,” said Mr. LaMalfa at a recent rally in Redding, CA. “And like he always said, the government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.  The socialist Democrats want to give you everything for free. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work. And I’m gonna prove that.”

Along with slashing benefits for the poor and increasing the budget to bomb brown people, Mr. LaMalfa says he plans to ask God to get to the bottom of the climate change debate. He also plans to limit immigration to countries that support American country and western music, and give generous tax breaks to “rice farmers.”