Nevada City, CA — An out-of-town man has made a startling discovery after his girlfriend sent him a series of Google Street View images of Nevada City. Thomas Ritchie of Citrus Heights, California met Chelsea Christner online on the popular dating website Plenty of Fish. The two decided to meet in person for the first time at her Valley Street house in Nevada City so she texted him the address and a series of Google Street View images to help him find her home.

“I was real excited to meet Chelsea,” said Mr. Ritchie in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “We were chatting for a few months online. I even sent her flowers and some gifts. So when she asked me to come up to Nevada City I couldn’t wait.  But I wasn’t expecting to see aliens or anything like that.”

According to Mr. Ritchie, he didn’t see the creature in the photo at first but he did notice the alien while driving along Sacramento Street towards Ms. Christner’s home.

“Yeah, so I looked down at the picture, and there it was,” continued Mr. Ritchie. “An alien bugger. It kinda ruined our date cause when I got to Chelsea’s house, that’s all I wanted to talk about and I think it freaked her out. I guess I can’t blame her.”

Gish Gallop spoke with local forensic photography expert Carl Pendelton, a private contractor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, regarding the photograph.

“I see fake photos all the time,” said Mr. Pendelton from his Auburn, California ranch. “I can’t really tell if this is real or not. What I can tell you is that I don’t know what it is, which means a lot of different things. If it’s fake, then whoever faked it really knows what they’re doing. And that’s more of a concern for me.”

It’s unclear what the alien creature was doing in the bushes at the Sacramento Street location. It has not been spotted again nor have area residents spotted anything unusual.