Nevada City, CA — The quiet town of Nevada City has been thrust into the prehistoric spotlight as a joint team of archaeologists from Brigham Young University (BYU) and Southern Methodist University (SMU) has unearthed dinosaur fossils just beyond the city limits. This monumental discovery promises to rewrite the ancient history of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

“You have to understand the kind of environment we’ve been operating in,” said lead SMU anthropologist and team representative Dr. Henry “Hank” Starnes, Ph.D. “The stories of strange bones and giant creatures have floated around here for years. Most locals dismissed them as tall tales, but we knew there was something to them.”

The team, fresh off their sensational discoveries of Noah’s Ark in Nevada City and the lost city of Atlantis at the bottom of Lake Tahoe, has once again struck archaeological gold. This time, the discovery involves the remains of what appears to be a previously unknown dinosaur species.

The Discovery Details


The fossils, found in a shallow dig site near the old, abandoned Nevada City Airport, include a nearly complete skeleton of a massive dinosaur. The creature, which the team has tentatively named Nevadaceratops, boasts an impressive array of features, including enormous frill and horn structures that suggest it was a formidable herbivore.

“Our initial findings indicate this dinosaur roamed these parts around 100 million years ago,” said Dr. Lin “Dino” Daniels from BYU. “This is an extraordinary find, as it suggests that Nevada City was once a thriving habitat for these prehistoric giants.”

Local Legends Confirmed

Nevada City residents have whispered about the “giant bones” found by miners and farmers for years. These tales were often met with skepticism, but the discovery of Nevadaceratops has validated these local legends.

“Growing up, we always heard stories about dinosaur bones,” said lifelong resident Jim McAllister. “My grandpappy swore he saw a giant rib sticking out of the ground near the old airport. Looks like he wasn’t just spinning yarns after all.”

The excavation site, buzzing with activity, has drawn scientific curiosity and local pride. However, the team faces significant challenges, including obtaining the necessary permits and conducting Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs).

“We’re committed to preserving the site’s integrity and working with local authorities,” stated Dr. Starnes. “This discovery is not just about unearthing fossils; it’s about understanding our planet’s history and the incredible creatures that once roamed here.”

What’s Next for the Archaeologists?

Having struck prehistoric gold, the team from BYU and SMU is not planning to slow down. Future projects include:

  1. Expanding the Dig: The team plans to widen the excavation area to uncover more fossils and better understand Nevada City’s prehistoric ecosystem.
  2. Public Education: The archaeologists collaborate with local schools and museums to educate the community about their findings and the importance of paleontology.
  3. Dino Fest: A community event featuring exhibits, lectures, and activities centered around the discovery, aimed at fostering local interest and pride in Nevada City’s prehistoric heritage.

The bones of Nevadaceratops stand as a testament to the town’s ancient and modern history. The discovery brings a new chapter to the town’s lore and cements Nevada City’s place on the paleontological map.