Grass Valley, CA —  A Roseville, CA, commercial developer Kunton Kents Industries or KKI announced plans to build retail space in the now-defunct Kmart shopping center for Target and Trader Joe’s. Both popular merchants will occupy the exact location and are entering into the first of its kind partner agreement with the joint venture called Target Joe’s.

“We just got everything confirmed today, and we’re set to start building immediately,” said KKI Associates CEO and General Manager Kunton Kents, Jr. “When one era ends, another begins. And we know the community is attached to the old Kmart, but what we promise is a better consumer experience for Nevada County. And combining Target and Trader Joe’s will do just that.”

According to a prospectus KKI provided to the press, KKI plans a complete renovation of the KMart location, with “aggressive plans to modernize” the shopping experience. (KKI is also currently renovating the McDonalds on the Nevada City Highway.)

As usual with Nevada County, the community is both excited and angry about the new shopping opportunities for the same reasons.

“I can hardly wait,” said recent Bay Area transplant Candence Dobson of Alta Sierra. “My husband made me move up here during the pandemic. He said it would be like camping with a dishwasher. But he didn’t tell me there wouldn’t be a Target nearby, let alone a Trader’s Joe’s. So now I get both, so the divorce is off for now.”

Others spoke of the further “Roseville-ization” of Nevada County and how our arguable rural life will be impacted, and according to some, destroyed by big-box retail stores. However, old-timers will regret Target Joe’s expansion for other reasons.

“Now, where am I gonna be able to rollerblade now?” Question 34-year-old Spirit Sequoia Bezzle of Nevada City. “It was our favorite thing to do until we’d get caught, and then we’d promise not to do it again, and then do it again in a few days. And ever since Kmart started downsizing, it gave us even more changes to skate. What a shame.”