Nevada City, CA — Nevada City’s Deena Sage is a model mother. At the age of 38, she and her former husband of 14 years decided to separate and later divorce amicably. As a top sales representative for Pharmaceutical Giant Roche, she’s led her Genetech division in closed deals for the past six years.

Her work success, she fears, has come at the cost of time with her two children, Kashie Lee, 6, and Ensley Ann, 8, whom she doesn’t get to spend as much time with.

“Being a good mom is important to me. And I try to get most of my travel done on the weeks I don’t have the kids. And for the most part, that works out. And Ken [her former spouse] has been good about taking the kids when I have a big deal in the pipeline. After all, I’m the one paying the child support.”

For her part, Deena wants everyone to know she’s the excellent mom she knows she is. To that end, she makes a point each week to spend at least an hour attending to her Facebook profile.

“It’s always about the kids, you know,” continued Ms. Sage. “I want to let everyone know I’m doing just fine. And besides, I’m back in the dating pool, you know. I want any prospective guy to know my kids are number one in my life.”

According to Deena, about one month after her divorce was finalized, she paid to have professional family portraits done for “a fresh start,” as she put it.

“I just wanted a reset in my family’s life. And I wanted to share that reset with my social network. The shoot-out at Fort Bragg cost me over $2000.00, but it was worth every penny.”

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