Self-Study Logging Course Deemed Unsafe By CalOSHA

    Several Nevada County homeowners are angry after taking an online, self-study logging course.

    North San Juan Cancels 2023 Cannabis Cup

    North San Juan (NSJ), CA -- In a surprising move, the North San Juan community has canceled its famed NSJ Cannabis Cup judging for...

    Nevada City Electrocutes Elephant to Demonstrate the Dangers of 5G

    A stunt to prove the dangers of 5G wireless technology is drawing criticism.

    Trump Mistakenly Boycotts Panera Bread Over Target’s Babylon Bee Ban

    Former President Donald Trump, reacting to Target's ban of the Babylon Bee from its shelves, mistakenly called for a nationwide boycott of Panera Bread during a rally in Knoxville, Tennessee. This misstep has injected an additional layer of absurdity into an already unusual situation, leading to a blend of confusion and humor across the country.

    Ted Nugent Unveils Bow and Arrow School Defense Scheme at Trump Rally

    Aging rocker Ted Nugent pledged to defend schools with a bow and arrows at a recent Trump rally, inspiring the satirical film, "The Hunger Games: Old Man Yells at Bullets." Despite widespread ridicule, Nugent remains steadfast in his belief that his archery skills are the ultimate deterrent for would-be attackers.

    How Grass Valley’s Mill Street Went Woke

    Grass Valley's Mill Street transformation ignites a battle between progressive city officials and conservative residents, who see the pedestrian walkway as a symbol of "wokeness" and liberal agendas. The city now faces the challenge of balancing modernization with preserving traditions, while quelling the debate over its direction.

    A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

    Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

    Bigfoot Turd Discovered at Alta Sierra Golf Course

    Keith Bradenshauer, self-renowned Alta Sierra cryptozoologist, and his kids made a 'massive' find on the golf course's 7th hole: a supposed Bigfoot turd! Excitement surged, while skeptics rolled their eyes. As the specimen headed for lab testing, residents awaited the results: genuine Bigfoot evidence or another misadventure from Keith's colorful history of local 'discoveries'?

    Roseville Launches ‘Don’t Nevada County Roseville’ Campaign

    Misty Smith is Chairman for the 380+ member strong "Don't Nevada County Roseville" Citizen's Commission. which is a collection of local, pro-growth developers and property owners

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