Jehovah’s Witnesses Know You’re Home Right Now

    The current shelter-in-place orders are a "target-rich" environment for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Authorities Warn Locals Not to Jump into New Sinkhole

    Grass Valley faces a triple crisis as Mill Street controversy, Neal Street ice rink debates, and sinkhole panic collide. Residents grapple with the upheaval, while daredevils seek fame by attempting to jump into the sinkhole, adding to the community's chaos and concern.

    COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction Rates Skyrocket In Nevada County

    Nevada County super-spreader events have featured "intimacy activities" designed to increase "natural" herd immunity.

    Scientology Building Secret Vault in Graniteville, California

    The Church of Scientology is currently building a secret and mysterious vault in Graniteville, CA.

    Atlantis Found at the Bottom of Lake Tahoe

    The underwater "ruins" of Atlantis discovered on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.

    Recent Murders Reveal Unlikely Suspect

    Abu, known ironically as “Killer” by his owners, went on a murderous rampage this week.

    Liberal CA Town Bans Scented Laundry Products

    "Laundry soap is bad enough, but those dryer sheets are truly disgusting," said long-time resident and local 'scent sensitive' Carole Bellstwat.

    Recent Transplants Think New Vanity License Plate Will Help Them ‘Fit In’

    Charlie and Barbara Winkler, recent Nevada County transplants from Simi Valley, hope that their new vanity license plate will make them feel like locals.

    Tiger Woods Threatens to Sue Grass Valley Over Mural

    Grass Valley, CA -- What was designed to be a local tribute to our community's appreciation for American heroes and tolerance for racial diversity...

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