10 Wacky and Wild Ways to Make the Most of Your Nevada County Snow

    Why let snow ruin your day when you can turn it into a party? Dive into our list of 10 wild and wacky ways to make the most of excessive snowfall, from creating a frozen fashion runway to crafting snow-sicles for a unique treat. These impractical yet hilarious ideas are guaranteed to make your winter season unforgettable. So, grab your snow boots and join us on this frosty journey that will leave you laughing and shivering in equal measure

    Dixon Voted NorCal’s #1 Place To Take a Crap

    Dixon has always been a traveler's favorite place to relieve themselves.

    Scientology Building Secret Vault in Graniteville, California

    The Church of Scientology is currently building a secret and mysterious vault in Graniteville, CA.

    BriarPatch Terminates Cat Yoga Sessions After Complaints from Dog Owners

    After receiving numerous threats from dogs owners, a local CO-OP has shut down all cat yoga sessions.

    Camptonville Mom Treating Autism with Coconut Oil

    According to Autism experts, there is no evidence to suggest that coconut oil is an effective treatment, let alone cure, for Autism.

    Self-Study Logging Course Deemed Unsafe By CalOSHA

    Several Nevada County homeowners are angry after taking an online, self-study logging course.

    A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

    Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

    Smug Area Centaur Having Trouble ‘Fitting In’

    According to many locals, area centaur Royce C. Bradley's social anxiety concerns might be "just in his head."

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