Area Idiot Uncomfortably Loud in Safeway Checkout Line

    A Grass Valley family made a ruckus, as they always do, in a local Safeway over the weekend.

    Illegal Trimmigrant Thwarts Nevada City Tweaker’s Gun Rampage

    One man put a stop to this tweaked out gunman's rampage.

    Mega Mosque Planned Next to Grass Valley Mega Church

    The new mosque will be situated next to the Twin Cities Christian Church on the Rough and Ready Highway just outside the Grass Valley city limits

    Gay Man Finds Nevada City’s Fashion Scene “Beyond Appalling”

    Not Nearly Enough Man Buns, He Claims

    Karen, Mother of Two, Decides to Let Shaleequa Speak With the Manager

    An area mother of two decided to let her daughters do the complaining.

    Bank Robbers Mistakenly Rob Area Food Bank Van

    A group of stupid criminals from Sacramento mistakenly robbed a Grass Valley food bank delivery van.

    Area Asshole Says 112 Degree Weather OK Because It’s “A Dry Heat”

    Don Vaca of North Bloomfield is an asshole.

    Former Mayor Must Attend Council Meetings in a Straitjacket

    In a majority vote, the City Council of Nevada City voted to restrain the former mayor.

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